Leadership Skills

Leaders wear many hats, but above all, they are true agents of change. They are responsible for leading teams, and more importantly, they are responsible for creating a culture that empowers employees to be their true selves.

However, leaders often focus on leading people, change and initiatives, rather than on a positive workplace culture. Workplace culture has one of the biggest impacts on employees’ mental health. A positive culture promotes openness, honesty, integrity, respect, and inclusivity—important traits of an effective team that leads to quality deliverables.

Leaders don’t just want to lead people; they want to lead people who are part of a positive work culture to maximize team effectiveness.

Our leadership series helps leaders start with the first step: self-awareness. As much as it’s about leading other people, great leaders also possess plenty of self-awareness. After all, how can you lead someone else if you don’t fully know and reflect on your own behaviours? Once you master leading yourself, then leading others, and change, will begin to feel much more natural. 

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Course Category: Leadership Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

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    Emotional Intelligence (EI) is increasingly relevant to organizational development and developing people, because the principles provide a new way to understand and assess people’s behaviours, management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills, and potential. 

  • Leadership Development Series

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    The series teaches the set of organizational values, processes, and practices that continuously unlock the potential of people and contribute to the success of the organization as a whole, as they learn and add new skills.

  • Managing Change and Transition

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    This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, tools, skills and confidence that will enhance their confidence and ability to deal more positively with change and transition.

  • Leadership Foundations

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    Effective leadership development begins with a clear understanding of what leadership is and how to prepare for it and most people have the potential to become effective leaders.

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