Hybrid Facilitation

Hybrid Meetings

The hybrid trend is everywhere, from offices to cars and even golf clubs. But when it comes to hybrid meetings, many organizations struggle with the unknown.

In essence, a hybrid meeting includes both virtual and in-person participants. While it sounds straightforward, ensuring its success amidst various variables can be challenging.

Apart from technical aspects, there are several considerations: How to ensure equal participation for virtual attendees? How to keep them engaged? Managing breakout groups and establishing ground rules are also vital. Intersol, with extensive experience in hybrid meetings, addresses these concerns during the planning phase.

We adapt to your preferred virtual collaboration tools and offer FacilitatePro, a secure web-based flipchart for seamless in-person and online collaboration. For many hybrid engagements, we use a secure, web-based electronic flipchart called FacilitatePro that allows the use of a wide range of decision-making tools, including idea sharing, ranking, sorting, and polling, both in person and online simultaneously. 

We Use Meeting Owl
Meeting Owl is an innovative video conferencing solution that provides an immersive participation. At Intersol, we prioritize inclusivity by integrating hybrid meeting solutions like the Meeting Owl. With its 360-degree camera and microphone, participants can fully engage from anywhere, capturing every detail and speaker automatically. Our Meeting Owls cover a video range of up to nine meters and an audio range of about 15 meters, ideal for small to medium-sized meetings.

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Returning to a Hybrid Workplace

As organizations shift to hybrid workplaces, hybrid meetings will become the standard. Managers must adapt to managing hybrid teams, while leaders navigate enforcing office and remote work schedules. Intersol offers consulting services to support this transition, understanding that each hybrid meeting requires tailored planning. While hybrid solutions are trending, it’s crucial to consult with our experts to determine the best fit for your project.

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