Facilitation Service:
Change Management

Here at Intersol, we utilize a unique and powerful change management tool which helps assist managers with framing, planning communicating and implementing change within the business.

Our Change Management model

We believe that effective change management can transform the success of any business. Our experienced facilitation team helps our clients implement leadership and engagement strategies to drive successful change. 

Of course, the success of any business relies on its employees and stakeholders, which is why we focus on ensuring everyone is involved and continually engaged during the process. More often than not, it is your employees who will be most affected by change, so ensuring that you are addressing their concerns is crucial to the overall success of any new implementations.

For over thirty years, we have been providing facilitation services to companies across Canada and helping them implement affective and powerful change management strategies. Our tried and tested method can be broken down into three core phases:

Phase One – Triggering the change

Arguably one of the most important aspects of any change management program, phase one is about recognizing and understanding the need for change within your organization. Intersol’s experienced group facilitation team will work with you to assess your readiness for change by:

  • Helping you weigh the costs of change against the expected benefits;
  • Working with you to identify not only potential sources of support within the organization but also areas of resistance; allowing you to assess the whole company’s competence to accept and embrace the change;
  • Helping to create buy-in from key employees and stakeholders by ensuring there is a clear strategy of co-development aligning with the values of your company.

We will also work with you to establish clear key performance indicators. We will then use these to help you monitor the progress of your change management strategies. This whole process is about driving your business towards success and ensuring all of your employees are working towards a common goal, which is why we will also help you  obtain the required resources to secure approval from your employees and ensure you have the right budget, technology, and leadership in place.

Phase Two – Implementing change management

Once we have been able to help you to identify the areas in need of change, our Intersol facilitation team will then help you start implementing the change management process. Just like you would with any significant project that your business is starting, it begins with creating a clear project plan.

This project plan will outline all of the required change management implementations that need to happen, as well as clearly stating the required training needed to help your employees and stakeholders  embrace and adopt these changes.

Although these skills will vary between each business, there are a number of core principles that we can help you to incorporate. One of the first things that our facilitation experts will instil through a training process is the importance and ability for everyone in the organization to be able to communicate effectively and regularly. By learning how to not only provide regular information flow, but also how to solicit input and feedback from your employees, you will be able to create a culture of sustained commitment and ensure that your change management strategies are improving the business in every aspect.

Of course, effective change management is not just about communication, which is why we will help you  ensure that all of your employees and stakeholders are able to comfortably adjust to the new way of doing things. This means ensuring that everyone within your organization understands the benefits that these changes are bringing to the overall success of the company and helping them to embrace change for the wider benefit of the business.

The Intersol Group’s facilitation team will also help you measure and record your progress. This means that we are able to help you amend the change management strategy as required for maximum success, as well as help you tie up any loose ends, plan for successors, close any old systems, and work out any interim solutions. Our dedicated team will also help you formalize any operational changes before you transition into the third and final phase.

Phase Three – Sustaining change management

The final phase, and  one that many businesses overlook, is the continued implementation of change management. After initial success, it is very easy to slip back into past habits, which is why our Intersol Group facilitation team will work with each of our clients to ensure that these changes become a sustained and integral part of the organization moving forward.

This includes techniques to help normalize the behaviour by celebrating achievements and reinforcing the new way of thinking. Normalizing these changes is a big task and requires embedding it into existing procedures, systems, and relationships.

We will work with you to use the feedback and data gathered from the previous stages to help you evaluate and create sustained change. This approach helps your business continuously refine your processes and procedures to ensure you are always working as efficiently as possible.

Intersol and the public sector

We are incredibly proud of the success we have helped our clients achieve, but in order to demonstrate our progress in the public sector, we conducted a joint study with the Telfer School of Management (University of Ottawa).

This study focused on the particularities of change management within the public sector, using our proven Intersol Change Management Model. The results were based on the review of over twenty different change theories and their applicability, as well as various interviews with focus groups and team managers.

The research revealed that when it comes to the public sector, there are five elements that combine to create a unique challenge:

  • Politics – How vulnerable is the project to governmental Politics?
  • Public scrutiny – How to manage the effects of Public Scrutiny and the knowledge that everything said and done can appear in the newspaper?
  • Diverse motivations – How to leverage the Diverse Motivations of employees and stakeholders and the limited tools available to satisfy them?
  • Human resource and financial constraints – How to work within HR & Financial Constraints such as job classifications, procurement regulations and limited delegations of authority? High turnover of leadership – How might High Turnover in Leadership affect sponsorship and support for the change, and what implications does this trend have the ability to deliver on longer-term projects?

Each of these problems can affect change to some degree and must be kept in mind while developing a change management approach for the public sector. However, with over three decades of experience, Intersolknows what is required to implement effective change in the public sector and help managers  tailor their approach to generate powerful and lasting results.

Team Development

Alongside change management, Intersol is here to help you launch and develop your new team. We can help you overcome any teamwork issues you face, reduce conflict and show you the skills required to take the team to the next level.

Our unique approach will help you to:

  • Align common goals
  • Create clear, definitive team roles
  • Introduce efficient and effective processes
  • Establish a culture of inclusivity
  • Build positive external connections
  • Develop powerful collaboration skills

If you want to find out more about our team development program, check out our Public and In-House Training.