In-Person Facilitation

Professional Facilitation on Demand

We’ve all been there: the meeting that ends with everyone grieving their wasted time, the discussions dominated by one or two participants, and no engagement from anyone else. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to plan an important meeting, conference, or event. That’s why when the stakes are high, it’s critical that the main event runs smoothly and achieves what it’s set out to do.

When initiatives need multiple people to buy in, make decisions, or embark on a change, many of Canada’s leading organizations and government departments work with Intersol to help plan and facilitate their meetings, conferences and events.

Why Use a Professional

Organizations typically turn to a professional facilitator when faced with a major decision or unusual problem. We are experts in the techniques, strategies, and processes involved in effectively engaging a group of individuals in meaningful conversations with a clear goal in mind. After all, every team is a collection of individuals with different perspectives, motivations, and experiences. That can be tricky to manage!

Our expertise in planning and running efficient and effective meetings isn’t the only reason we’re called on when the stakes are high. When decisions are being made that affect people, it’s important that leaders remain neutral and unbiased. Hiring a professional facilitator is a great way to give the leadership reins to someone who doesn’t have an investment in or favouritism toward a specific outcome. 

in person facilitation

Our Consulting Process

Large meetings such as conferences or symposiums usually take longer to prepare for. The organization and logistical planning involved can often be overwhelming, even for the most organized people. There are multiple moving parts to consider, such as who you’ll invite, where the event will take place, accessibility, report writing, communicating with stakeholders, managing online participation, and much more.

When we facilitate sessions, we don’t just show up to the event and go home. We work shoulder to shoulder with you from the start of the planning to the final launch. Our facilitators help you craft the agenda, confirm the objectives, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure the information is being delivered to the right people. We help you plan for potential risks and can advise on considerations that would help increase engagement or impact.

Is your organization in need of a facilitator for an upcoming meeting, conference, or event? Contact us today.