In-Person Facilitation

Benefitting From a Facilitator

Did everyone contribute to the meeting? Were the right people invited? Did only a few people dominate the conversation? A skilled facilitator ensures meetings don’t waste anyone’s time, and we can all use a break from unnecessary meetings. While planning important meetings, conferences or events is an art, achieving results demands a specialized approach.  

Hiring a facilitator brings an essential difference in the quality of your session. When decisions are being made that affect people, maintaining neutrality and impartiality is key for effective leadership. Our facilitators provide unbiased guidance, ensuring decisions are made without influence or favoritism toward any specific outcome.

Our Process

Large meetings such as conferences or symposiums usually take longer to prepare for than a two-day strategic planning workshop or team building meeting. The organization and logistical planning involved in any meeting can often be overwhelming, even for the most organized people. There are multiple moving parts to consider, such as who you’ll invite, where the event will take place, accessibility, report writing, communicating with stakeholders, and much more.

When we facilitate sessions, we don’t just show up to the event and go home. We work shoulder to shoulder with you from the start of the planning to the final launch. Our facilitators help you craft the agenda, confirm the objectives, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure the information is being delivered to the right people. We help you plan for potential risks and can advise on considerations that would help increase engagement or impact.

in person facilitation

When to Opt for In-Person Facilitation

Deciding between hosting an event in person or online involves weighing the pros and cons, risks, and rewards. When there are in-person participants, having a facilitator present in the room can inspire and energize the attendees. However, online meetings can also be just as effective when conducted correctly.

The decision to host in person may be advisable depending on factors such as the topic, type of meeting, and objectives. In-person facilitation is commonly recommended for workshops, training sessions, conflict resolution, team-building activities, and strategic planning sessions.

At Intersol, we can assist you in determining the most suitable approach for conducting your meeting, ensuring it meets your objectives effectively.