Facilitation Service:

Stakeholder and Public Consultations

The very best strategies, policies and decisions are those made through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders. We help you engage and understand your key stakeholders. From strategy to full implementation, our expertise and experience ensure you hear from the right stakeholders at the right time through the right channels.

What sets Intersol apart is our expertise in the theory and practice of collaborative engagement and facilitative approach in delivering services and technology-enabled solutions.

Public and Stakeholder Consultation

Our accredited consulting team leads hundreds of public and stakeholder consultations every year—of all scopes and sizes, across a vast range of issues and sectors. We develop, execute and facilitate consultation plans tailored to the specifics of your situation, ensuring a well-managed process and meaningful outcome.

Consultation Strategy Development

We help you understand and define your challenges and craft a plan for tackling them—beginning with an approach to analyze and identify stakeholders in order to choose the mechanism to engage stakeholders in a meaningful way. The spectrum of that engagement extends from establishing an initial understanding of issues and attitudes to testing that understanding, arriving at solution options and ultimately weighing the effectiveness of the actions you take.

Online Consultation and Collaborative Engagement

From simple surveys and online documents to virtual meetings and multimedia web conferencing, we use technology to help you engage your people. Selecting the right mix of tools to meet your specific needs, we integrate online consultation and collaboration into our face-to-face processes—saving you the time and money of extensive travel and in-person meetings.

We have an extensive list of Online Engagement and Collaboration Tools including social and business media that help us tailor the collaborative engagement experience. Examples include:

Online Meetings: using Teleconference or GoToMeeting / GoToWebinar / GoToTraining
Project Collaboration: using Minigroup or Basecamp
Surveys and E-Consultation: using Fluid Survey / Survey Monkey / Facilitate Pro
Web-Engagement Platforms: OPIN / Recollective / Facilitate Pro

Stakeholder and Employee Engagement

We take a structured approach to identifying and understanding the people who have a stake in your key initiatives. We help you gather the perspectives of employees and external groups, exploring their needs so that as you move forward with key initiatives, you can make informed, collaborative decisions.

Policy Development

To address an issue effectively, you have to understand it fully. We help you identify, define and explore the issues you face—engaging the stakeholders whose perspectives and input are essential. Out of this work, we produce recommendations and help develop policies that allow you to effectively, coherently address the challenges at hand.

Advisory Committees

For clients dealing with complex issues that require a combination of expert perspectives, we provide the full range of support: advising, structuring terms of reference, defining decision making mechanisms, making recommendations and conducting facilitations—either as discrete services or part of a complete turnkey solution.

Complex Multi-Party Partnerships and Collaboration

Some organizational goals can’t be reached alone.

The world has become too complex and interdependent for any one institution or sector to effectively respond to today’s business or wider challenges and opportunities.  James Wolfensohn, ex World Bank

In the private sector, value-added partnerships combine corporate strengths to achieve mutually beneficial objectives. In the public sphere, collaborations are struck to carry out complex, multidisciplinary research and policy initiatives. Our team works with you to draft effective, actionable collaboration agreements and charters oriented to your desired outcomes and providing mechanisms for conflict resolution.

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