Stakeholder & Public Consultations

Informed Decision Making

Engaging stakeholders is vital for transparency and trust, resulting in well-informed decision-making. Across industries—from law firms to government departments to restaurants and hospitals—understanding the perspectives of employees, customers, shareholders, and government agencies is crucial. Intersol aims to foster positive relationships while streamlining input gathering and promoting efficient collaboration among all parties involved.

As pioneers in virtual facilitation, Intersol offers seamless online consultations. Our experts are proficient in various virtual collaboration software, ensuring a smooth experience. With Intersol, you can count on dedicated technical support, including the option of deploying a virtual meeting producer, tailored to your project’s needs. 

We apply our stakeholder engagement processes to various settings and projects, from all different sizes and complexities.

Public and Stakeholder Consultation

  • Develop and execute a well-managed process
  • Create open and effective collaboration with key stakeholders
  • Generate buy-in
  • Services range from small roundtables to large events

Consultation Strategy Development

  • Identify and analyze key stakeholders
  • Choose the collaboration mechanism most suited to stakeholders’ needs and schedules (interviews, surveys, roundtables, virtual collaboration, etc.)
  • Fully understand the challenges faced by your organization
  • Craft a unique plan designed to overcome each challenge

Stakeholder and Employee Engagement

  • Create a tailored plan to identify, engage, and understand the people most invested in your organization
  • Identify areas for improvement, develop solutions, achieve buy-in, and move your organization forward

Policy Development

  • Engage stakeholders to fully understand the issue at hand
  • Benefit from a wide range of perspectives to identify areas for improvement, develop policy, achieve buy-in, and move your organization forward

Advisory Committees

  • Become self-sufficient with an advisory committee designed to provide an ongoing range of perspectives
  • Receive our expert support, from advising and structuring reference terms to helping define decision-making mechanisms and recommendations
  • This service can be added to a broader stakeholder consultation initiative or as a standalone project

Complex Multi-Party Partnerships and Collaboration

  • Create mutually beneficial objectives with exterior partners
  • Draft actionable collaboration agreements
  • Work with our proven mechanisms to prevent and overcome any conflicts that may arise

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