Organizational Design

Structuring Success

When it comes to organizational design, the stakes are high and the impact is great. Organizations should assess the need for restructuring when they can no longer effectively achieve their goals due to internal or external factors. An organizational design is aimed at re-arranging internal processes and restructuring systems to align in a way that creates optimal performance. 

At Intersol, we work with you to create a high-performance organization. We look to implement small changes, transitions, and team development. To optimize an organization’s structure, we focus on four core principles:

1. Organizational Systems and Processes
Once we have helped your team create an effective structure, we’ll collaborate on establishing proven organizational systems and processes. To do this, we will examine decision-making, communication channels and information flow within your organization.
With clear insight into these systems, we will help identify areas of improvement and the tailored solutions to fix them. We will work with your team to develop clear answers that will improve the efficiency of your business and ensure your resilience in the future.

2. Employee Engagement
A thriving organization relies on an active and engaged workforce. We help you understand the current team dynamics then implement clear and proven strategies to increase engagement and ensure everyone is working toward the same goal. Our leadership development training and team dynamics assessments have been developed to upskill leaders and create high-performing teams. 

3. Board Development and Governance
Effective organizational design requires an organization to review its board development and governance. Intersol will work with your corporate board to thoroughly examine the existing policies and governance practices in place, ensuring that you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.

4. Strategic Orientation
We will also help ensure that these policies and practices align with the strategic orientation of the organization. Our facilitation experts design insightful questions to achieve the desired future state, empowering your team to gain a fresh perspective on the overarching mission.