Facilitation Service:
Strategic Planning

Developing a clear business strategy is a core part of your company’s success. It is the outline of your vision for the future, giving you the direction to take your entire organization forward. A well-crafted strategy will provide you and your employees clear goals and guidance, ensuring you are always working towards the same objectives.

We understand great strategic planning is about setting yourself a goal to work towards, which is why our team will work with you to generate a clear roadmap that covers both strategic and operational planning. Our experienced organization has three decades of knowledge, allowing Intersol to offer clients a truly unique proposition.

Certified facilitators

Our entire team of consultants is dedicated to giving you the skills and knowledge to ensure your organization can achieve success. Our consultants have years of experience and are internationally certified as facilitation professionals, meaning they have an unrivalled understanding of developing strategic planning options for organizations of all sizes.

Intersol will work with your entire organization, including senior executives, employees and stakeholders. We utilize a truly dynamic approach to ensure that the strategic planning process is as engaging and effective as possible.

Incorporating technology

Over the years, we have seen how technology has evolved to completely transform businesses. At Intersol, we adopt the use of the latest technology to help ensure we can offer our clients a wide range of perspectives that can be used during the strategic planning process.

Through the use of interactive tools and online platforms, we are able to bring stakeholders together and allow them to share their thoughts on various issues. By understanding who these people are, and the problems that they are concerned about, it lets you develop a clear strategic plan to address these concerns and ensure your business is able to grow and flourish.

Proven Strategy Planning

We understand that effective strategic planning does not end once the plan has been created. It requires sustained activity to ensure that your organization is continually working towards achieving these goals.

Without efficient execution, a strategy is useless, which is why Intersol will work with you to create a clear roadmap with goals and execution tools to ensure your strategic plan is fully realized. By adopting proven models and using our years of facilitation knowledge, we will help you develop employee engagement, strengthen your management and position your organization so that you can achieve real success.

The Intersol Approach

Strategic planning can be a complex process, but with our unique facilitation approach and our years of experience, we will help your organization reach new heights. The Intersol approach has been designed to help you every step of the way and includes:

  • Holding an initial meeting to let our team understand your exact requirements.
  • Conducting an environmental scan as well as stakeholder engagement discussions and interviews so we can develop a clear idea of their opinion and what issues you face.
  • Preparing an in-depth summary report for you, which includes the results of our environmental scan.
  • Facilitating a board and senior management workshop, giving you the opportunity to create a clear strategic plan.

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