Strategic Planning

Every organization and department needs a strategic plan. Strategic planning helps get an entire team on the same page by setting goals and planning how to achieve them. Strategic plans take time to develop and require a concerted effort to shift the focus away from day-to-day operations to answer the question, “where is the organization headed”? Every single person involved is affected by a strategic plan, and sometimes there are pressures, other overarching priorities, and emotions. An outside facilitator can help navigate the discussion considering all these important factors. 

Creating a strategic plan can seem complicated. Where do you start? Who do you engage? How do you know what goals to set for your organization? Here are a few steps that Intersol takes to bring strategic plans to life:

Kick-off meeting: Each organization and project is unique. To start the strategic planning process, our expert facilitators meet with the project team to get a full understanding of their requirements. It’s during this crucial step that we ask the important questions that will help prevent issues and minimize risk during the project. We are experienced at identifying potential problems and are experts at helping organizations navigate the path to success.

Environmental Scan: Next, our team will conduct an environmental scan, which involves gathering input from all levels of your organization so we can develop a clear idea of opinions and issues. Depending on the project, this can be done using surveys, interviews, or stakeholder engagement discussions. Our facilitative techniques help get to the root of the issues, and go beyond just the surface. It means we have more to work with in the end.

Analysis and Report: After completing the environmental scan, our team will analyze the data and prepare an in-depth summary report outlining the results, including cross-cutting issues and trends.

Senior Management Workshop: Finally, after all the data has been collected and analyzed, our experts facilitate a discussion around the outcomes so problem areas can be addressed and a plan can be developed. The plan needs to be realistic and feasible for the organization – this is critical for adoption and success. We assist in taking into account all levels of the organization and effectively communicating the action plan. 

Just like individuals, organizations work best when they’re moving forward, toward specific goals. Intersol’s certified strategic planning facilitators are experts at helping teams map out how to get from where they are today to their vision for the future. That means when organizations work with us, the end product is a well-crafted strategy with clear goals, guidance, and execution tools to turn strategy into action.

Leading The Field in Virtual Facilitation

Intersol is an industry leader in the use of online tools and platforms. Our experts use the latest technology to gather a wide range of perspectives from anywhere in the world to help in the strategic planning process. Our facilitators routinely make use of platforms including Mural, Miro, FacilitatePro, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more. For virtual consultations, Intersol offers the service of an online meeting producer to ensure seamless delivery and provide technical support for participants.

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