Facilitation Service:

Strategic Planning

Great strategy is about setting direction toward a future that matters. It matters to everyone who shares in your organization’s success. We roll up our sleeves to work with you and your team to craft your future roadmap through strategic and operational planning.

At Intersol, we offer a unique value proposition.

We Are Professional Facilitators

All of our consultants are internationally certified facilitation professionals with years of experience in leading strategy discussions with the wide range of planning participants. From senior executives to front line personnel to concerned stakeholders, our approach is dynamic and engaging for all involved.

We Use Technology

We are able to invite a wider range of perspectives into the strategic planning dialogue through the use of interactive, online platforms. Staff and stakeholders participate in electronic fora and online discussion groups on issues of strategic importance to the organization.  Increasingly we are making use of web-based analytics as part of the environmental scanning process: We can help you learn about “who is talking about your organization and what they are saying.”

We Understand Strategy

We know that strategy is useless without execution. We provide our clients with the implementation roadmap and keys to execution that will ensure the plan is realized. Our strategic planning approach is based on proven models and experience. Our facilitative approach builds member and employee engagement, strengthens organizational leadership and positions the organization to achieve results and success.

How We Work With You

  • Hold the Kick-Off Meeting
  • Carry Out the Environmental Scan and Stakeholder Engagement Discussions and Interviews
  • Prepare the Summary Report and Present the Scan Results
  • Facilitate the Board and Senior Management Strategy Workshop
  • Prepare the Summary Report and Presentation of Scan Results

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