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Our skilled facilitators and leadership consultants make Intersol the preferred choice for leadership training in the National Capital Region and across Canada.

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If meetings tend to take time out of your day without real purpose or results, your team could benefit from learning the leadership skills and processes used by our professional facilitators. Our flagship facilitation course trains government teams and departments in the tools we use to make group decisions efficiently and effectively both online and in person. Graduates of our flagship course learn the following core competencies recognized by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF):

  • Establish collaborative client relationships
  • Plan appropriate group processes
  • Create and sustain a participatory environment
  • Guide groups to appropriate and useful outcomes
  • Practice self-assessment and self-awareness

Facilitation is just one of our many leadership skills courses. We design and deliver a suite of other leadership courses to help managers or managers-to-be gain the knowledge and skills required to be effective contributors to shared success. Our experts train Government teams in skills such as emotional intelligence, assertive communication, conflict resolution, crucial conversations and more. We have helped countless Government leaders make a real impact on their department and agency, through improved relationships.