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With over 30 years of experience, Intersol is here to share our passion with you, ensuring you can unlock your true potential.

Life at Intersol

The foundation of all of our work starts with a team or organization’s culture. We believe that creating true organizational culture does not mean putting sparkling water on tap and expecting everyone to stay after hours in return. In fact, we don’t expect our staff to come in to an office at all. We work remotely and believe we can create a remote work culture that is just as friendly, engaging and supportive where team members are encouraged and enabled to develop their skills and enjoy a rewarding career. Other culture highlights include:


Intersol Community Gathering

We plan monthly meetings for the team to connect in a relaxed setting to catch up on life, not business. We value our team's diverse experiences and expertise and see it as an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. We also understand that work gets busy. Offering flexibility around these initiatives means they can be something to look forward to rather than one more thing to fit into your calendar.

Professional Development

We think that offering consultants the opportunity to boost their knowledge and advance their professional skills is a win-win. That's why we offer an annual budget to support professional development and encourage an atmosphere of curiosity and continuous learning

Work with Meaning

If you ask our senior consultants why they continue to do this work after 30 years, they will tell you the same thing, because it’s meaningul. Facilitators get called on to work on topics, or with organizations that do really cool stuff, bring impactful change and well, that’s not a bad way to earn a living. The fact is our people are passionate because they found purpose, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of our work.


At Intersol, flexibility is in our DNA. We don't measure productivity based on where you work. Cutting the commute out of your day can mean the difference between starting early when you’re fresh, or spending a frazzled hour in traffic and starting the day on edge. That is why we offer all of our employees the ability to work remotely and have control over their time and schedule.

Balance and Back-Up

We believe work-life balance is essential in order to run on all cylinders. You shouldn’t have to choose between work and family priorities. Intersol's community of professionals offers our employees peace of mind to focus on what's most important when unforeseen circumstances arise knowing that one of our qualified colleagues has your back.


Intersol understands the importance of having a career that gives you true happiness. When you are proud of the company you work for, your wellbeing is boosted, and it doesn’t feel like you’re working. We aim to give you that feeling, and we also actively encourage our team to enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community who has helped to make us who we are today.

Opportunities to work with Intersol

We’re growing our team!  

The Intersol Group is a community of consultants with diverse interests and a shared belief in the power of facilitation.  

The work we do has a profound impact on people in Canada and around the world. Clients trust us to guide them through the kinds of high-stakes, high-impact discussions that lead to results and front-page news, such as: 

  • Drafting Canada’s first “Grocery Industry Code of Practice,” bringing growers, producers, suppliers and retailers together to strengthen Canada’s food supply chain 
  • Facilitating consultations on who is eligible to donate blood and tissues on behalf of Canadian Blood Services  
  • Supporting the families of the victims of Flights PS752 and ET302, to develop projects to honor their loved ones 
  • Design and implement virtual engagement strategies to increase plastics recycling as part of the federal government’s circular economy and zero plastic waste initiatives. 

Leaders turn to us for support with strategic and operational planning, organizational development and transformation, change management, and employee engagement efforts, among other things.  

If you’re excited by supporting groups to make meaningful change on social, cultural, environmental, economic, scientific and political issues you may want to join us!  

We’re looking for professionals with an open mind, a steady hand, sound judgment and an ability to gracefully facilitate sometimes difficult conversations towards tangible, meaningful outcomes.  

At Intersol, we believe that embracing diverse skills, experiences and perspectives are at the core of building a strong team and delivering quality work. If you think you may have relevant experience or skills, we’d like to hear from you. Please reach out to with a link to your LinkedIn profile and/or your CV. We look forward to meeting you! 

 To meet client needs, we’re looking for teammates who can work fluently in French and English. We anticipate a mix of virtual engagements and in-person opportunities in the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau).  


Notre équipe est en pleine expansion!

Le Groupe Intersol est une communauté de consultants aux intérêts variés qui partagent une même conviction à l’égard du pouvoir de la facilitation.

Nous sommes fiers de dire que notre travail a un impact profond au Canada et ailleurs dans le monde.  Nos clients nous accordent leur confiance en tant que guide lors de leurs discussions aux enjeux et aux impacts élevés, afin de mener à des résultats tangibles et qui font l’objet des grands titres dans la presse, comme :

  • La rédaction du premier « code de bonnes pratiques de l’industrie alimentaire canadienne », qui amène les producteurs, les fournisseurs et les détaillants à unir leurs forces pour renforcer la chaîne d’approvisionnement alimentaire du Canada.
  • La facilitation de consultations sur les personnes admissibles à donner du sang et des tissus au nom de la société canadienne du sang.
  • Le soutien apporté aux familles des victimes des vols PS752 et ET302 afin de concevoir des projets destinés à honorer la mémoire de leurs proches.
  • La conception et la mise en œuvre de stratégies de mobilisation virtuelle pour appuyer le recyclage des matières plastiques dans le cadre des initiatives du gouvernement fédéral en matière d’économie circulaire et d’élimination des déchets de plastique.

Les dirigeants qui font appel à nos services, sont à la recherche de soutient en matière de planification stratégique et opérationnelle, de développement et de transformation de leurs organisations, de gestion du changement et de mobilisation des employés, entre autres.

Si vous êtes enthousiastes à l’idée d’aider des groupes à apporter des changements significatifs au niveau social, culturel, environnemental, économique, scientifique et politique, Cet appel est fait pour vous!

Nous sommes à la recherche de professionnels avec un esprit ouvert, de la détermination, un bon jugement et la capacité de faciliter avec aisance des conversations parfois difficiles pour aboutir à des résultats concrets et significatifs.

Pour pouvoir donner suite aux besoins de nos clients, nous sommes à la recherche de personnes capables de travailler couramment en français et en anglais. Nous prévoyons d’avoir à exécuter des missions à distance, et en personne dans la région de la capitale nationale (Ottawa-Gatineau).

À Intersol, nous estimons qu’il est essentiel de combiner des compétences, des expériences et des perspectives diverses, pour constituer une équipe solide et accomplir un travail de qualité. Si vous pensez avoir une expérience ou des compétences pertinentes, nous aimerions en savoir plus sur vous! Veuillez envoyer un courriel contenant un lien vers votre profil LinkedIn ou votre CV à Au plaisir de vous rencontrer! 

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