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Leadership Development Series

A true learning culture is generally more productive. It reduces employee turnover, prepares leaders with the right skillset and enables resiliency, innovation and readiness for change.

The way we connect and engage is in transformation and as such, a commitment to support professional and personal growth is increasingly important to grow and thrive in the forever-changing world of work.

The Learning and Development Series is designed to support the main principles of a learning culture. The series teaches the set of organizational values, processes, and practices that continuously unlock the potential of people and contribute to the success of the organization as a whole, as they learn and add new skills.

About the Course

The course is composed of three modules: 1 – Leading Self, 2 – Leading Others, and 3 – Leading Change. 

Each module covers 3 to 4 topics and has a duration of 6 to 8 hours. Teams can receive training in one, two, or all three modules to complete the series. 

1. Leading Self

The aim of this series is to bridge the connection between personal development and high performance through Emotional Intelligence/Relational foundational skills.

Vital relational skills 

A series of modules designed to strengthen keystone relational skills of communication and the emotional intelligence competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Positive Outlook

To develop the ability to see the positive in people, situations, and events. To develop persistence in pursuing goals despite setbacks and challenges.  To strengthen the skills of resiliency, stress management, adaptability, and motivation.

Habit Re-engineering 

To become aware of how habitual patterns of behavior can get in the way of, or sabotage our best selves.  The content of the series on habit re-engineering focuses on learning how to create, replace, and implement habits to improve personal, team, and organizational performance.

2. Leading Others 

This series takes you from transactional to transformational interactions -creating the space for people to become their best selves within a team.

Team Performance

Based on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team model by Patrick Lencioni, includes an online assessment.

Relationship Intelligence & Team Culture

In a world of disruption, team relationships are not optional, they’re critical. Relationship Intelligence (RI) helps teams build trust, resilience, and use their strengths to solve challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

To build a high RI culture the TOTAL SDI assessments are used to help see what matters to people beneath the surface. The SDI helps teams navigate conflict and create a productive way forward.

Team Meetings Re-Imagined 

Knowing that communication, alignment, and recognition are necessary for an engaged culture, this series includes 3 different learning sessions that focus on how to design and conduct virtual meetings that align the team around important priorities, get a pulse on team morale and performance, and increases engagement.

Impactful Performance Conversations

Powerful techniques and skills that human-centric leaders use to inspire exceptional team performance –coaching & feedback to develop and guide the team, the ability to have candid conversations to improve performance, the use of delegation as a development tool, and knowing how to use encouragement and recognition as levers of motivation.

3. Leading Change 

This series is a structured and intentional approach to effectively support people through change and transformation.

Handling Change with Agility

Skills to face change, adjust to it, and quickly determine how to take advantage of it and make it a springboard for innovation. Introduces recognized change management principles, practices, and communication techniques to support individuals and teams to put change in the perspective of opportunity.

Leveraging Team Innovation & Creativity 

Inspired by the work of Dr. Timothy Clark, the content explored in this module will enable leaders to create genuinely inclusive environments where people feel included, feel safe to learn and experiment with ideas, and feel safe to contribute and challenge the status quo.

“When the environment nurtures psychological safety, there’s an explosion of confidence, engagement, and performance.”

Staying Focused in a Fast-Paced Environment 

Teams that understand, and have shared processes for managing and executing work, foster cultures of trust, engagement, and execution. This module will teach skills to help make strategic decisions about where to invest time and energy, focus on the critical priorities and actions required to stretch goals tangible. Knowing how to master work flow management guarantees quantum leaps in productivity.

This course is offered in French and English.


Madalena Coutinho is a Senior Leadership Consultant, Certified Facilitator, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Leadership Development and Interpersonal Core Skills Practice with a focus on five key leadership competencies: change management, leadership and teamwork, corporate culture, growth & innovation, and merger integration. With more than 30 years as a learning and development professional and professional facilitator, she successfully coaches individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives and has received various forms of formal recognition as an innovative and inspiring leader.


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