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Emotional Intelligence

About the Course 

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is increasingly relevant to organizational development and developing people, because the principles provide a new way to understand and assess people’s behaviours, management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills, and potential. 

The Emotional Intelligence workshop has been designed to help participants learn essential interpersonal skills that will take them to the next level – personally and professionally. The development of Emotional Intelligence in the five EI domains ensures that we become more productive and successful at what we do, and that we know how to help others to be more productive and successful as well. 

Course duration: 2 days  

For who: Anyone who works with small or big groups of people at different organizational levels.  

 Course Format 

This powerful facilitator-led experiential workshop will focus on developing core skills to become more emotionally intelligent such as self-mastery, communication and teamwork among others. Individual and group activities will be conducted during the workshop to help participants achieve their goals.  

Before participating in the workshop, participants are invited to complete a comprehensive online assessment that takes about 15 minutes. A personalized 20-page report will be provided to each participant during the workshop.  

Specific Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of this course participants will: 

  • Define emotional intelligence (EI) and take your own EQ inventory
  • Discuss how core values and biases and align with your actions
  • Identify the impact our emotional intelligence has on communicating and connecting with others 
  • Demonstrate a collaborative attitude at work through application of EI
  • Practice how to effectively communicate your needs and concerns to others 
  • Understand what emotional intelligence is and why it’s important  
  • Value emotional intelligence as a way of effectively managing self and their relationships with others  
  • Identify personal areas of strengths and potential vulnerabilities and strategies to overcome them  
  • Apply the assessment results to manage behavioural responses and increase capacity to influence   

    This course is offered in French and English.


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