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Managing Change and Transition

About the Course 

“The only constant is change”. Organizations and leaders must learn to quickly respond to their changing environments. In times of significant change, leaders must guide and manage two parallel and interdependent processes. The first of these, organizational change, focuses on the strategic and structural adjustments necessary for the survival and growth of the organization. The second, personal transformation is concerned with how people accommodate the upheaval around them that occurs during change.  

This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, tools and skills that will enhance their confidence and ability to deal more positively with change and transition. The model for managing change is based on the “Steps for Managing Change Process” developed by Linda Ackerman and the Managing Transitions model developed by William Bridges. 

Course duration: 1 day 

For who: Anyone working in a rapidly changing environment, or who is expecting change to happen in their organizations.  

 Course Format 

This is designed as a “hands-on,” practical workshop that will connect your own experience with ideas and tools for better communication in the workplace. Based on an “experiential” model of learning, it makes use of simulations, structured experiences, group discussions, and lecturettes to allow participants to learn through active participation.  

Specific Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of this course, participants will: 

  • Describe and understand the inter-dependent processes of organizational change and personal transition
  • Identify the sources of resistance to change
  • Develop approaches for effecting change that actively “engage” people in the process
  • Recognize the critical role of personal leadership that everyone plays in achieving successful change
  • Apply a specific intervention approach to helping people manage their own transition issues
  • Understand and address problematic, transition-related behaviour in self and others

This course is offered in French and English.


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