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Efficiency that promotes equality, diversity, inclusion and wellness

Written by Bianca Baldo

Exploring a gender-based analysis can be a first step to understanding your diversity needs and increasing inclusive practices for your workforce. You may have already started to ask yourself:

  • How does the present scheduling and environment affect different members of the team?
  • Does the present structure create barriers towards some?
  • What are the best practices available to address these barriers while meeting my productivity and efficiency deliverables?

In my recent blog, Using GBA+, Inclusion, and Diversity perspectives to support a healthy and efficient workplace, I offered a few starting points on these issues. Still, I thought it important to follow-up with a few tips on increasing efficiency, diversity, inclusion, and mental wellness. Importantly, workplaces need to start thinking about restructuring the workday to include self-care practices, technological support and regular check-in with staff. This article will explore how to increase productivity by allowing people to change the way they work and increase their autonomy to make decisions that promote mental health best-practices and avoid work-related burnouts.  

Restructuring the workday to maximize efficiency.

Identifying the three priorities that will have the largest impact on your business. A clear business strategy through facilitated strategic discussions with your team is core to any company’s success and can reduce anxiety in your workplace.  A well-crafted strategy will provide clear goals and guidelines towards this goal. By generating a clear roadmap covering strategic and operational planning, including priorities relating to diversity and inclusion,  you can take the ambiguity out of work and ensure everyone is working towards the same objectives.

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