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Sue Perron


Phone: 6132306424 x 118

Sue Perron is the current CEO of Intersol Group Ltd.

Sue Perron, CEO discusses re-inventing Intersol.

Sue joined Intersol in 2017, providing business development and management expertise. Appointed to CEO in 2020, she is responsible for planning, organizing, and managing all aspects of Intersol’s operations. Her focus is on assuring the organization’s growth and sustainability. More recently, Sue has introduced a strategic focus to bring more diversity, stronger company values, and greater workplace flexibility to Intersol. The employment world has changed since 2019. The COVID pandemic sparked a worldwide demand for meaningful work, better working conditions, caring employers, and empathy in the workplace. This is a calling that Intersol is ready for.

Prior to joining Intersol, Sue worked as a bilingual facilitator for the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Her earlier work began in the Behavioural Research Department at the Heart Institute. She also worked as a health coach, providing behavioural counselling to patients in a clinical care program to improve their cardiovascular health. As a passionate health advocate, her desire has always been to do meaningful work. Although the business service industry is not the same as the health service industry, Sue believes that with just the right approach, there is a place to make an impact. This added purpose is what makes Intersol’s culture so different.

Sue is bilingual in French and English. She has a baccalaureate in physical education and health from Laurentian University. She completed master’s courses in the science and technique of physical and sporting activities from the Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, France.

Sue is an articulate business consultant with a keen eye for connecting and assembling teams with the right skills to perform quality work. She enjoys bringing people together and leveraging their strengths to carry out unique and complex projects.