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Sue Perron

Sue Perron is the former Business Operations Manager and the current CEO of Intersol Group Ltd.

Sue Perron, the new CEO, discusses her vision for Intersol.

Sue joined Intersol in 2017, providing business development and management expertise. Currently, she is responsible for the entirety of planning, organization and managing all aspects of Intersol’s operations. Her focus is on assuring the company and office operations run smoothly and efficiently to maximize organizational growth and sustainability. More recently, Sue has been a driving force behind Intersol’s transformation initiative, bringing more diversity, stronger company values and workplace flexibility to the table. In 2019 she implemented an employee development program that enables new consultants to learn from the best in the business while creating a culture of continuous learning. Sue appears in the 2020 Top 100 Canadian Professionals Magazine.

Prior to joining Intersol, Sue worked as a bilingual facilitator for the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Her earlier work began in the Behavioural Research Department at the Heart Institute which contributed to her extensive experience coordinating various research studies including program evaluations, observational studies and randomized controlled trials. Sue was a key player in the Ottawa Model for Undiagnosed Diabetes study which is now a standard practice in select Hospitals across Ontario.  She also worked as a Health Coach providing behavioral counseling to individuals in the CardioPreventÒ clinical care program to improve cardiovascular health of individuals at-risk for heart disease.

Sue actively led multiple partnering initiatives in the Champlain Health Community. Her previous work combined public and private sector relations, fueling a passion for business analysis and strategic operations.  In 2014, she became the Project Lead for the Heart Institute’s Virtual Care Program which included the planning, development, execution and evaluation of an e-health intervention for patients and their families.

Sue advocated for strategic health marketing which has helped her develop experience providing media (TV and radio) and community-based awareness through presentations and speaking engagements.

Sue has a Baccalaureate in Éducation Physique et Santé from Laurentian University. She also completed training in Sciences et Techniques des Activités physiques et sportives Master’s courses from the Université Joseph Fourier II in Grenoble, France. She is currently studying to pursue her M.B.A.

Sue is an articulate Business Consultant with a keen eye for connecting and assembling teams with the right skills to perform quality work. She enjoys bringing people together and leveraging their strengths to carry-out unique and complex projects.