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Using GBA+, Inclusion and Diversity perspectives to support a healthy and efficient workplace

Written by Bianca Baldo

All things change, and we change with them – this Chinese Proverb rings true for me in a post-COVID-19 work environment. In recent times, our definition of work and working conditions has shifted to adjust to the new reality of social distance and workplace safety. It has blurred the lines between work and private spaces, highlighting new opportunities, challenges, and solutions that must consider familial constraints, mental health strains, exclusion, inequality, and economic uncertainty.   

Throughout this process, these solutions will need to reflect diversity, inclusion, and equity, which in turn will affect the overall health and prosperity of the workplace. It presents a unique opportunity to rethink traditional norms and how the present model of working from 9-5 in an office affects various employees differently.  In some cases, this model exasperates existing inequalities in society.  

Can bias limit innovation and growth? 

The current workplace model needs to change, but we carry unconscious biases that might limit our ability to see beyond our own perspective and reducing our problem-solving capacities. These biases exclude innovative thoughts outside of the established norm by promoting a one type fits all approach to scheduling and work locations. The restrictive approach fails to consider how innovative practices can have a positive impact on the way people negotiate work/life constraints and how the workplace can successfully grow and benefit from embracing different perspectives, visions, and ideas. Using a GBA+ approach can be a powerful tool to bring about more positive workplace conditions that reflect the actual workforce and its needs. For more information on GBA+, intersectionality, and identity factors, come check out my recent article Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+): Helping facilitate successful meetings.  

Can COVID-19 and the She-session affect your bottom line? 

Understanding the economic impacts of COVID-19 from a GBA+ perspective, and what type of employment conditions will best promote and retain the brightest and most competent workforce during these times can be the difference between a f