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Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+): Helping facilitate successful meetings.

Written by Bianca Baldo

Defining GBA+, Intersectionality and Identity Factors.

GBA+ is an analytical tool used to measure how diverse groups of women, men, and non-binary people may experience your policies, programs, services, and products differently. It takes into consideration the intersectional nature of identity and how factors such as age, culture, disability, ethnicity, class, sexual identity, and others, can be impacted by your decisions.

GBA+ provides critical information on which communities of stakeholders will be adversely affected by your activity. In other words, it identifies which communities need to be at your meeting to make informed, productive and impactful decisions, vetted for gender and other equality impacts.

GBA+ strategies and tools have been developed to assist in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of your meetings within your work environment and with external stakeholder groups. This process aims to ensure that your meeting is inclusive, reflecting Canadian diversity, and supporting a commitment to increasing gender and identity equality in society.

Reflects on the impacts of programs, policies and initiatives.

The GBA+ process asks how a proposed action affects men, women, and non-binary people, as well as which identity factors could be affected, making your meeting less representative. For example, the ability of a person to participate in an event may be significantly reduced by location, costs, accessibility and timing. GBA+ asks questions about which identity combinations require substantive outreach and engagement, as well as accommodation to participate.

Why is GBA+ important?

The risk is that without a thorough GBA+ analysis, the voices represented at an event are limited to a select audience based on privilege, access and control. This exclusionary practice ignores the ideas, knowledge, and experience of others who may be impacted by the decisions.

Steps to Support GBA+ in your Meeting.

To support our clients in their GBA+ processes, Intersol Group has identified four simple steps to apply to any meeting that increases diversity, equality, and inclusion, while allowing management to make the best decision based on getting the right people in the meeting.

1- Ask questions about GBA+ early in the organization process.

By incorporating a GBA+ early in your process, you can ensure that these identity factors are included in every aspect of the event.

Depending on if your meeting is internal or external, you can start the process by asking yourself, and your management team the following questions:

–       How are men, women, and non-binary people affected by this meeting, looking at location, costs, accessibility, ti