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4 tips to better manage self-care when working from home

Written by Bianca Baldo 

Social distancing has changed our lives in so many ways, impacting our interaction with colleagues, families, and our communities. It has also changed the way we do our work. We have all been asked, one way or another, to accept and manage change in our daily lives. For those who are living alone, this change means finding ways to cope with increased solitude when working from your home office. For those with full households, the challenge is to find spaces to concentrate while balancing children, pets, and other family obligations.  Although the spectrum of change varies between one person to another, working from home in this new environment requires solutions that prioritize open communication and trust-building, work/life balance, healthy work practices, and let’s not forget- fun. Let’s take a look at some suggestions that have helped me identify and foster work-life balance, mindfulness, self-care, and team building while working from home.


Daily communication is critical to sustain productivity and to reduce isolation associated with working from home. Planning daily meetings with colleagues will help you stay connected to the outside world while working from your home office. As a manager, you can prioritize trust-building with your online team by fostering regular and honest conversations. These meetings can allow your team to identify personalized best-practices and strategies to achieve work/life balance. With regular communication, your team will continue to reach key deliverables, while respecting the principle that different people will require diverse and inclusive strategies to make this new reality work. 

Personally, short weekly check-in meetings with my CEO have helped identify my particular needs as an employee with a disability and a mother of three young children. These meetings continue to offer a space to share any challenges and successes experienced, and voice my concerns and frustrations during the transition. It helped focus on a process that puts my needs at the forefront of any work plan, including workload and time management. I am thankful for those moments and believe that they contributed to my overall wellbeing.


Identifying a realistic work schedule and deliverables that help you stay on track while promoting life/work balance is never easy.  Finding and maintaining your rhythm and motivation from home requires hard work and openness on behalf of management.  As we look towards this new reality where social distancing requirements become the new norm, adop