January 16th, 2023 marks the beginning of the mandatory return-to-workplace policy announced by the Treasury Board only one month prior. The policy will require all Government workers to gradually return to the office two or three times a week and be fully implemented by the end of March 2023. According to the Public Service Alliance … Read more

Written by Alain Rabeau The pandemic has pushed everyone into isolation and forced many of us to work from home.  Virtual collaboration tools from Microsoft Teams to Zoom and everything in between have become the way in which we work with others and stay in touch with friends and family. No doubt many of you have experienced these Internet-Based Video Conferencing (IBVC) … Read more

In our facilitation business, we have been providing online services to clients for over 15 years and our facilitators are certified to deliver workshops virtually. Our main platform has been one called “Facilitate Pro” which is essentially an electronic flipchart used to engage participants remotely and in the room. It allows us to have individuals … Read more

by Madalena Coutinho If you are interested in developing Negotiation Skills, check out our course offering in here. If you stop and think about it, we all spend much of our professional and personal lives negotiating and managing conflict.  As organizations become less hierarchical, less based on positional authority, and with many fewer clear boundaries … Read more