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Virtual Services at-a-glance

In our facilitation business, we have been providing online services to clients for over 15 years and our facilitators are certified to deliver workshops virtually. Our main platform has been one called “Facilitate Pro” which is essentially an electronic flipchart used to engage participants remotely and in the room. It allows us to have individuals work in breakout groups, conduct polls, make decisions, brainstorm and set out themes and priorities. This incorporates all of the main facilitation processes with hundreds of people concurrently while they work from remote locations. This is a popular feature for meetings where participants are located across the country and are unable to travel to meet in person. Due to COVID-19, several of our ongoing in-person facilitation projects scheduled for April, May and June have been converted to the online format rather than canceling, ultimately helping clients continue toward their objectives without losing focus or momentum. Find out how we can help you in your virtual requirements.