Written by Intersol Group If you’re like me, summer is a time for catching up on the business and self-help books you’ve been meaning to read all year. But what do you remember about the books you read last year, let alone the ones you read over a decade ago? Stephen R. Covey’s bestseller – The 7 … Read more

Written by Intersol Group This week we’re celebrating the first ever International Facilitation Week, sponsored by the International Association of Facilitators. In honour of the occasion, we’ve put together a couple of blogs on the topic of facilitation. This first one is about what facilitation means, and toward the end of the week we’ll follow … Read more

Written by Intersol Group Have you ever heard the story of the 5 Monkeys Experiment? It may sound familiar when you think of your organizational culture. It goes like this: 5 monkeys were placed in a cage as part of an experiment. In the middle of the cage was a ladder with bananas on the top rung. … Read more

Written by Intersol Group Intersol previously worked with a client group in a large federal government department that was trying to establish better horizontal collaboration across the directorate. Organizational silos are a common challenge for many of our clients. Groups become so involved in their own work and priorities that they neglect to notice what’s … Read more

Written by Intersol Group As travel budgets get tighter, technology gets better, and we connect more and more across the country and the world, online meetings have become a regular part of doing business. When setting up online meetings, we often make the mistake of treating them the same way as in-person meetings. But online … Read more


We anticipated 2020 would be a year of growth and transition. We have spent a lot of time behind the scenes, redefining our services to meet the needs of our loyal and new clients. We are excited to broadcast Intersol’s refreshed new look, initiatives and strategic plans.