Communication Skills

Communication skills involve listening, speaking, observing, and empathizing, which is why this category of courses could have easily been named “Human Skills”. The most vital human skill is communication. Our ability to communicate with others can make an enormous difference in our work life and personal life; strong communication skills are what set people apart in achieving success.

Communication is something we are constantly doing, whether verbally or non-verbally. Our capacity to communicate who we are depends on our ability to convey information and ideas, as well as our competence in receiving information.

Intersol’s catalogue of communication skills courses takes some of the most sought-after types of communication, such as negotiation, conflict resolution, assertive communication, and more, to demystify these complex forms of communication and help you achieve a specific goal.


Course Category: Communication Skills

  • Assertive Communication

    The objective of the course is to develop your knowledge and skills to proactively and effectively apply appropriate levels of assertiveness in a professional environment. 

  • Communication Effectiveness

    Communication effectiveness is a powerful facilitator-led course intended to provide participants with pragmatic, relevant, experiential exercises.

  • Negotiation Skills

    The Negotiation Skills workshop will expand participants’ ability as an effective negotiator through the practice of important negotiation tactics and skills.

  • Conflict Resolution

    We’re individuals with unique concerns, expectations, interests, needs and wants. Sooner or later, our individuality bumps up against someone else’s individuality and the result is conflict. One of our goals in running a conflict management skills workshop is to reinforce the fact that life does not exist without conflict. However, there is an aspect of conflict experiences that cannot be overlooked: our behaviour when in a conflict situation. As a result of this workshop, individuals or teams will be able to experience more positive and productive conflict interactions at work and personally and optimize performance, resolve issues, settle differences, and implement solutions at any level. 

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