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Series – Thrive in the workplace; how to create spaces for employees and leaders with disabilities? – Part III

Written by Bianca Baldo

Part 3 – Best practices and recommendations for working with employees and leaders with disabilities.

Starting your journey towards the inclusion of persons with disabilities requires leadership, reflection, investment, and humility.

Many employers still struggle with how to offer meaningful support to employees and leaders with disabilities. An important first step to recognize the spectrum of different disabilities requires a tailored approach to hiring and retention.  It is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Becoming a leader in workplace diversity and inclusion for leaders and employees with disabilities can be done. It requires transparency in your hiring practices, openness, assertive communication, fairness in working conditions, access, and control to opportunities for all. Below we have provided a few starting points and recommendations to begin your workplace journey toward inclusive practices.

1. Support a person-first approach that incorporates the principles of