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What Is Facilitation?

Facilitation is the process of guiding and navigating a group or team through discussions, activities, or decision-making processes to achieve consensus, specific goals or outcomes. Whether it’s a family selecting a movie or business leaders charting a strategic course, decisions are influenced by diverse personalities, perspectives, and emotions. This presents a particular challenge that requires skilled expertise, known as facilitation. 

What Is A Facilitator?

A facilitator acts as a neutral third party whose goal is to help create a supportive and inclusive environment where participants can effectively communicate, collaborate, problem-solve, and make decisions. Facilitation techniques can vary depending on the context and objectives of the group, but they often involve activities such as brainstorming, prioritization, group discussions, consensus-building, and decision-making exercises. 

A facilitator can evoke group creativity and foster meaningful conversations through skilled question-asking that will ensure participants reach their desired outcomes. 

When Is Facilitation Used?

Facilitation is commonly used in various settings, including meetings, workshops, training sessions, managing organizational development, change management initiatives, strategic planning and stakeholder engagement endeavors. It is most valuable for managing group conflict or differing perspectives. 

Who Can Benefit?

Facilitation skills are vital to any leadership role. All individuals required to work with others can benefit from applying facilitation or following a facilitative approach. We made it our mission to transform the workplace and set out to make facilitation and leadership skills accessible to teams everywhere.

Why Intersol?

We have an extensive 30-year history of applying proven techniques to our clients achieve their objectives.

We have built a successful reputation solving organizational challenges through expert facilitation, consulting and leadership training.

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