Facilitation Service:

Virtual Meetings and Engagement

The way in which we connect has changed due to the realities of COVID-19. In order to safely serve our clients during these uncertain times, Intersol is leveraging its experience in online facilitation.

Intersol utilizes online technology to help facilitate data-sharing and brainstorming to achieve high-quality information in a short amount of time. Intersol often leverages a web-based platform called “Facilitate Pro” to facilitate online sessions. Facilitate Pro is the online equivalent of the traditional, paper-based flipchart; instead allowing participants to share ideas posted onto an electronic flipchart. The platform can also be used as a decision support tool to poll participants and establish priorities. The platform allows individuals and groups – located in the same room or in a different room and time zone – to actively contribute to the event, meeting, workshop or focus group. This can be done synchronously – for example, when participants in different places are contributing to a discussion at the same time, or it can be done asynchronously – when participants contribute to a discussion over the course of days or weeks. This web-based discussion platform is located on a secure server in Canada and is password enabled.

Intersol also makes use of videoconferencing software such as Zoom and GoToMeeting. Our experts can seamlessly facilitate discussions on this online platform using proven methods to keep the group engaged in productive virtual meetings. Intersol utilizes each platform’s unique capabilities to facilitate in a similar fashion to traditional face-to-face sessions using features like virtual breakout sessions and virtual hand raising.

The Intersol Group recently facilitated a strategic planning workshop with twelve individuals.

Using the electronic flipchart, participants individually responded to seven preparatory questions that explored their current context, discussed the organization’s mission and vision and identified their overarching strategic priorities.  A workshop followed where the team met virtually using Zoom in parallel with the electronic flipchart.

The group commented on each other’s ideas and discussed commonalities and identified high-level strategic priorities. 

Here is some of the feedback from the session: