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Organizational Design

Unlock your team and organizational potential. Free up the creative energy in your organisations and teams.

Have you been wondering how to take your organisation or team performance to the next level? Have you been contemplating why some of your change initiatives aren’t sticking, or why you haven’t been generating the outcomes expected? Maybe you’ve been giving a lot of focus to building your team and yet conflicts keep popping up and getting in the way of success?

Well, you’re not alone. Many leaders are scratching their heads and wondering how to truly build a highly engaged, high-performing organisation or team, one that generates sustained capacity to achieve outstanding results.

Intersol has the tools, methodologies and expertise to help you engage your managers and employees in building and sustaining a healthy and effective working environment. Our service areas include high performance organizations, organizational change and transition, and team development.

High Performance Organizations

What is a high performance organization? It is an organization whose structures, systems and processes are all aligned towards the achievement of clearly articulated goals and objectives. Members of the organization – employees and managers – know what they need to achieve and how they should go about achieving it, and are fully engaged in the organization’s success.

Here are some examples of how Intersol can work with you to help you create and sustain a high performance organization:

  • Organizational Structure: We help you assess how well your current structure is adapted to your context and goals, and if necessary design a new, better adapted structure. By structure, we refer to the formal hierarchical relationships as well as the coordinating mechanisms, like teams and committees, that support horizontal integration across the organizational units.
  • Organizational Systems and Processes: How are decisions made in your organization? How do you manage and communicate information? How do products flow through the system? Intersol helps you examine these questions, identify areas for improvement, and design solutions that increase your organizational resilience. One of our core offerings in this area is Lean
  • Employee Engagement: This is what makes an organization really come alive and exceed expectations. We help our clients understand their own engagement drivers and dynamics, and develop and implement effective strategies to fully engage their employees.
  • Board Development and Governance: We work with corporate boards to review their policies and governance practices, to ensure that they are fully not only meeting their fiduciary responsibilities, but also fully contributing to the organization’s strategic orientation, asking the right questions at the right time and in the right way to generate new insights and effective guidance to the organization.

Organizational Change and Transition

  • Are you planning or implementing a change initiative, large or small, that will require people in your organization to think, act, or work in a new way?
  • Are you undergoing or planning to undergo an organizational transformation?
  • Are you encountering resistance as you try to implement changes in your organization?
  • Do you want to learn how to better cope with multiple, constant changes and increase your team’s change competence and agility?

Intersol offers managers a structured approach to guiding organizations and employees through change to desired outcomes. Our approach:

  • improves change outcomes
  • increases the probability of success
  • helps make the change more sustainable,
  • To increase motivation to implement
  • improves the experience of employees going through the change, and
  • builds change competence within the organization.

In short, we can support you in planning and managing change and transition in a way that creates lasting results. Our approach is research based, scalable, and customized; it takes a whole-system perspective and allows for knowledge and skills transfer.