Facilitation Service: Organizational Design

Discover the true potential of your team and unlock success with our organizational design services.

When it comes to success in business, one of the most important factors is to ensure that your team is working as one. This is a particularly challenging task which requires frequent reviews and adaptations to reflect the changing demands of your business, particularly as it grows.

For many businesses, understanding what is required to take their company forward can be confusing, while others find that some changes are not being adopted or that in-team conflict is preventing success. Whatever challenges you are facing, if you are struggling to create an engaged, high-performing organization or team, Intersol is here to help you.

Our unique organizational design services have been specifically created to help you achieve outstanding results through proven facilitation methods. Our tools and approaches will help managers and staff work together, creating a healthy and engaging working environment. No two businesses are the same, which is why we work with each organization to understand their requirements in order for us to help them to create a High-Performance Organization through small changes, transition, and team development.

What is a High-Performance Organization?

A High-Performance Organization is a business striving to succeed, with structures, systems, and processes in place, specifically designed to help them achieve their goals. In these organizations, managers and team-members alike are committed to delivering their very best and understand exactly what is required to reach that.

At Intersol, we will help you to make organizational design changes that will show you the tools and methods required to ensure your business becomes a High-Performance Organization. Our proven facilitation services have been able to help countless companies transform their structure, setting them on the path to success.

Our organizational design will help you to not only create a High-Performance Organization but ensure you can sustain it moving forward. To do this, our team will focus on four core principles:

  1. Organizational Systems and Processes
    Once we have been able to help you create an effective structure, our Intersol team will then work with you on establishing proven Organizational Systems and Processes. To do this, we will examine how decisions within your company are made, how information is communicated with staff, and what processes are used as products and information flow through the business.

    By gathering clear insight into these systems, we will be able to help you not only identify areas of improvement but also what solutions are required to fix them. We will work with you to develop clear answers to improve the efficiency of your business and improve your resilience to any future issues that may arise.

  2. Employee Engagement
    No truly successful organization can thrive without an active and engaged workforce. We understand the importance of your workforce, which is why Intersol will help you keep your team engaged. We will help you understand what the current dynamics of your team are, before helping you implement clear and proven strategies to increase engagement and ensure everyone in your organization is working towards the same common goal.

  3. Board Development and Governance
    Effective organizational design also requires a business to review its board development and governance. Intersol will work with your corporate board to thoroughly examine the existing policies and governance practices you have in place, ensuring that you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.

    We will also help you to ensure that these policies and practices are contributing to the overall strategic orientation of your company. By helping you ask the right questions at the right time, our facilitation methods will let you generate a new insight into your brand, giving you the tools and knowledge required to establish effective guidance.

Creating Organizational Change

For over thirty years, we have helped organizations of all sizes and industries achieve success. However, we understand that knowing the correct changes to make can be a challenge, which is why we work with all of clients to help them discover the best methods to incorporate to meet their specific needs.

  • We are able to help you with a wide range of changes, so if you are:
  • Planning or implementing a change initiative that requires your employees to think, act, and work in a specific new way;
  • Are undergoing an organizational transformation;
  • Are encountering resistance to changes you are trying to implement in your organization;
  • Want to learn how to cope with multiple or constant changes, or want to increase your team’s competence and agility to change.

Intersol is here to help you. Our structured approach will guide your organization through these processes, giving you the skills and tools required to reach your goals. Our approach will:

So, no matter what challenges your organization may be facing, our proven Intersol organization design and facilitation services can help to support you through planning and implementing effective change that generates lasting results.

Our unique and proven methods are research-based and can be fully customized to organizations of any size. By utilizing a whole-system approach, we can show you how to take your company to new heights through effective knowledge and skills transfer.