Facilitation Service:
Meetings, Events and Conferences

When your entire business is able to work together as a team, you are able to achieve far greater success. That same process is valid outside your organization too, and working coherently with strategic partners and other business is crucial to ensuring your business can take a step forward.

However, ensuring everyone is working together towards the same goal can be challenging, which is why here at Intersol, we offer clients full meeting facilitation and conference facilitation services.

How a professional facilitator can transform your meeting

At Intersol, we have been working with some of Canada’s leading organizations for over three decades, supporting them and helping to guide them through their problems.

We have found that company owners, shareholders, and team leaders often turn to a professional facilitator when they are faced with a major decision or unusual problem. Our experienced and trained facilitators can help guide you through whatever challenges you face.

Facilitation is not just about helping you to overcome challenges. Intersol is also here to help you find the best techniques and strategies to engage a group of individuals. Our meeting facilitation services can help you connect with your colleagues on both a personal and professional level. However, as a leader, it is also crucial that you remain neutral and unbiased in how you engage and interact with your staff.

These challenges only increase when liaising and working with people outside of your organization, which is why at Intersol, we also provide conference facilitation services to help you captivate and engage everyone.

We believe that by knowing how to successfully work with individuals in any setting, right from the start, you can ensure that you are able to save significant time and energy. Our experienced team will focus on helping you come together as a group, allowing you to have meaningful conversations and ensuring that you are working together to achieve your objectives. By focusing on these skills from the start, it will help you prevent any costly mistakes made by trying to establish these methods yourself.

So, no matter whether you are looking to organize a small team meeting, a corporate retreat, an external stakeholder consultation, a large conference, or a ministerial round table, Intersol is here to give you the tools to achieve the very best performance.

Through our meeting and conference facilitation services, our experienced Intersol team will help you to plan, organize, design, and facilitate your event. We will also provide you with an in-depth report that will give you the knowledge to move forward, outlining the next steps to take following the meeting.

Meeting facilitation – the Intersol approach

Chances are, you have sat in a meeting before wondering whether it was really worth your time to be there, and perhaps an email could have sufficed. That is a clear sign that the meeting was poorly structured, which is why here at Intersol, our meeting facilitation services are designed to give you the skills to transform that.

When used correctly, we believe meetings are a powerful and effective method of communication, allowing businesses to share ideas, generate involvement, and resolve issues. They are also a useful tool in helping you engage in crucial conversations and ensure that you are able to make the right decisions.

However, we also understand just how challenging creating a productive meeting can be. It is very easy for a useful session to turn into a waste of time. Good meetings do not just happen; they take preparation and care, which is why your Intersol facilitator will work with you to help you outline clear objectives for what you want to achieve from the session. We will also work with you to ensure the right people are invited, guaranteeing those objectives are delivered upon, as well as establishing a clear agenda to keep you on track. 

Having been supporting with meeting facilitation for three decades, we understand what it takes to organize and host a truly effective meeting. We’ll teach you our unique Intersol approach, blending dialogue with proven processes to create an environment of conversation. Intersol will help you facilitate genuine conversations whilegiving you the tools to report back to the rest of your organization.

We are incredibly proud of the reputation we have built and the results we have achieved. Our talented and professionally certified team has years of proven experience working across a wide range of industries in the public and private sectors, giving us a keen sense of what the best solution is for you.

Conference facilitation and beyond

At Intersol, we don’t just focus on meetings, we also provide facilitation services for a variety of events. From international conferences and team retreats to focus sessions, public consultations, workshops, and ministerial round tables, we know what it takes to create an engaging, useful, and powerful event.

No matter how many people your conference will host, or whether it is online or face-to-face, Intersol will work with you every step of the way. From concept and planning to agenda creation, our conference facilitation services are tailored around your exact needs.

Some recent examples of projects we have completed include:

Scientific and Regulatory Workshop

We were contacted by a group of scientists who were looking to engage with a host of regulatory experts in order to explore the application of new technologies in their field of expertise. With this in mind, we helped them facilitate a unique workshop that brought together 85 participants spanning an extensive variety of backgrounds including scientists and regulatory experts working across provincial and federal levels.

As a result, participants of the facilitated conference were able to develop a clear and joint understanding of both the potential and the limitations of these new technologies and tools. We also assisted the client with their research needs, helping them ensure their research projects would meet all regulatory obligations.

Planning Meeting

Another successful project Intersol recently completed was with a large working group consisting of employers from various industries and governments. They needed to identify shared priorities in order to focus their efforts. In response to their needs, we facilitated face-to-face planning sessions to help them to prepare a joint action plan to be implemented in the following fiscal year.

Weengaged participants in a dialogue, allowing us to gain an understanding of each other’s context and area of focus. Using this information, we developed four key priorities, which allowed us to generate a written report with timelines and key milestones, ensuring their work would stay on track.

Don’t just take our word for it though, read some of our recent testimonials from our clients: