Facilitation Service:

Meetings, Events and Conferences​

Why hire a professional facilitator for you meeting?

Senior leaders and managers often turn to professional facilitators when they have a problem to solve, a plan to develop or an important decision to make. 

When you need to engage a group of individuals and varying personalities and different levels of personal or professional investment in a project, it can be tricky to stay neutral and unbiased. It’s common to be unsure of where to begin! Doing things right from the start will save you time and energy in the long run. At Intersol, we focus on getting the right people together to have meaningful conversations that achieve your objectives and to save you the costly mistakes that result in managing this step yourself.

Whether you need to organize a small team meeting or staff retreat, focus group discussions, an employee or external stakeholder consultation, a planning meeting, a large conference or even a ministerial round table, we can help you do this and give you the tools to continue doing it well. The more skills you have, the more successful your outcome will be. 

We work with you to plan, organize, design and facilitate your meeting.  We can also prepare a written report to help you move forward with what needs to happen next, as a result of the meeting.

Meeting Facilitation – Our Philosophy and Approach

We believe that meetings can be powerful and effective ways to share information, seek input, solve issues and make decisions.

We also know that great meetings don’t just happen.  So we work with you well in advance to ensure that the meeting objectives are clear, that the right people are invited and to develop an agenda and facilitation approach that will achieve your objectives.

Through a balanced approach of dialogue and proven processes, we work with you to create the right environment so participants can engage in a productive conversation.  We facilitate the discussions and report back on the outcomes to ensure your organization derives full value when bringing groups together.

Our reputation for quality results is built upon the experience, approach and involvement of our people. Our experienced group facilitators have years of Industry and Public sector experience as well as formal academic credentials and professional certifications that we bring to every facilitation project.

Meetings, Events and Conferences

We successfully facilitate meetings of all kinds.

Examples: team retreats, team building meeting, focus group sessions, all staff meetings, employee consultation, public consultation, stakeholder consultation, town hall meeting, board meeting, workshop, strategic planning meeting, ministerial round tables, national and international conferences, online meetings, face-to-face meetings …

Whether you need to engage 3, 30 or 300 people in a discussion, you need to ask yourself, will it be face-to-face? Online? Or a mix of both?  Not sure where to begin?

We can help.

E.g. Scientific and Regulatory Workshop

A group of scientists needed to engage with regulatory experts to explore the application of new technologies in their field of expertise.  To this end, we facilitated a workshop that brought together 85 participants, including scientists and regulatory experts involved in conducting investigations at the provincial and federal levels. As a result, participants developed a joint understanding of the potential and limitations of new technologies and tools to help with investigations and meet regulatory needs.  Research needs were also identified to ensure that research projects would meet regulatory needs.

E.g. Planning Meeting

A working group consisting of a number of employers from industry and government needed to identify common priorities in order to focus their efforts. We facilitated a face-to-face planning session to prepare their joint action plan for the following fiscal year.  Participants engaged in a dialogue to gain an understanding of each other’s context, areas of focus were selected and four priorities were identified.  Our written report and timelines, identifying key milestones for their work in these four priority areas, helped them continue their work and stay on track.

Success Stories