Learning and Development​

We believe that enabling individuals to develop their full potential is key to personal and organizational success.  The capacity to overcome challenges can only be created when each person is given the opportunity to leverage their talents and make valuable contributions to further organizational goals.

Each and every one of us is a leader when we take the view that exercising leadership is about using our strengths in order to influence others in a positive way. Leadership is not just about the position you hold.  Everyone can benefit from discovering and developing their strengths and adopting effective attitudes, skills and behaviours that enable high performance.

Emotions and how we manage them are important contributors to success.  The difference between good and great leaders can often be found in their level of emotional intelligence (EI).  Research clearly demonstrates that EI is essential to leadership.  Without it, a person may have the best training in the world, a great analytical mind, an abundance of smart ideas, but still won’t make a great leader.  The skills you will gain by recognizing and understanding your level of emotional intelligence are priceless.

Our personalized coaching services will help you achieve your very best, through facilitated reflection, analysis, action planning, implementation, and feedback.


Coaching is a powerful way to help individuals grow and achieve better success toward their goals. Like coaching, mentoring is a partnership based on trust and collaboration that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential; however mentoring also involves skill transfer.

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential” (ICF, 2012).  When we coach the client’s brilliance and power, their life expands which means that they will make resonant choices and live their life on purpose.  We are more than “human doings”, we are “human beings”.  The Coach is present with the client and everything that happens is an opportunity to learn, grow and transform.

Here’s a video to help explain “What is Coaching?” by the ICF

If Coaching is about asking, mentoring is about telling… and mentoring is a service that is offered with gusto and energy!  We aim to provide advice and guidance grounded in solid experience and knowledge.  Our mentors are keen to share what they know and support clients as they make the key decisions that will lead them to success.  Your mentor will see you through to implementation and be there to cheer you on through the peaks and valleys that might be encountered along the way.

Effective teams accomplish more and have more fun on their way to success.  We are proud to offer a suite of tailored team development services that will help take your team to the next level.

Great leaders inspire others to achieve their best.  Striving for excellence brings forth interesting challenges and responding to these challenges involves developing new abilities and provides a focus on personal growth.  The journey of continuous learning and growth can be both exhilarating and demanding.  We offer several services to meet your needs both for the short and longer term and help you thrive.  Let us help you select the path tailored to what is right for you at this time and witness the change manifest itself in you and around you.

Customized Coaching

Through our coaching and mentoring services, we support the development, growth, and success of individuals and teams.  These services can be provided one-on-one or as a group.

Coaching has been shown to have significant positive effects on work attitudes, skills, performance, well-being, coping, and the adoption of effective behaviours that lead to the achievement of goals.  We believe in the “whole person” approach to personal development.  Having practical help through crucial transitions can mean the difference between success and failure both personally and professionally.  With the help of your coach, you will set goals that are relevant and appropriate to your situation and your coach will support you in making purposeful and positive change in your professional and/or personal life.  Coaching can also help you enhance your level of emotional intelligence and contribute to better relationships and greater effectiveness.

Intersol Group has certified professional Coaches that focus on creating a tailored coaching program to meet identified needs. The cost for coaching services is dependent on the duration of an individual’s customized program.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is common sense but it’s not common practice.

R. Boyatzis, Case Western University

We believe that Emotions are critical to everything a person does; build trust, strengthen how you relate to the people in your life, set a vision, focus energy, get moving and learn from failure.

How we manage our emotions plays an important role in the process of creating a successful and meaningful life. The way we respond to the many feelings we experience throughout the day affects our decision-making and can make or break relationships, reputations, and important deals.

The good news is that the attributes of Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be improved over time.  Studies have shown over and over again that a high emotional quotient (EQ) can boost career success, entrepreneurial potential, leadership talent, health, relationship satisfaction, humour, and happiness. It is also the best antidote to work stress, which is essential in today’s high pressure environment.

Emotional and Social competencies provide the glue that keeps people working together.  Building and sustaining effective relationships matter in every job – because all jobs involve dealing with people, and we – like you – find it more rewarding to deal with people with a higher level of EI.

Thirst for knowledge is emerging daily in the area of emotional intelligence.  Let us introduce you to the topic by measuring your level of Emotional Intelligence with a view to improving your EI literacy.

We can then help you identify strategies to bridge the gap between your current level of EI and the level you want to achieve in order to lead a more fulfilling and a happier life.  There is so much for you to discover and learn about this topic that will enrich your life.  We would be delighted to give you a hand to set the direction you want to take in order to improve your emotional agility.