Training at Intersol

Are you performing at your very best? Here at Intersol, we believe in helping you to unlock your full potential, ensuring that you have the skills and knowledge to achieve success in your personal and professional life.

Our facilitation learning techniques have been designed to help you to overcome whatever challenges you may face in life. Through our online or in-person workshops, we aim to help you to learn and develop your talent, helping you to realize your ultimate ambitions.

Becoming a leader

We all have the ability to be a leader, yet unlocking the knowledge and confidence to become one is a significant challenge. Leadership is not just about the position you hold in your professional life but also about how you can use your talents to encourage those around you and improve your productivity. Our facilitated workshops can be conducted online, as a public group session, or as part of your company progression. All with the aim to help you discover those inner strengths and show you how to develop them further.

Of course, a true leader is not just about maximizing your strengths. The most effective are those who understand how their own emotions and behaviours contribute to not only their performance but that of their colleagues. High Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a common trait of the world’s best leaders, and our facilitation learning sessions will help you to transform your own EI and discover how to be the very best leader possible.

Our unique workshops are designed by facilitators, meaning they are not just a set curriculum attendees are expected to progress through. Instead, our expert facilitators use the experience of each participant to create a sense of shared learning, ensuring everyone is able to improve.

By understanding your level of Emotional Intelligence, you will be able to discover important new leadership skills. That is why our goal is also to help to set you on the path to becoming an effective leader, ensuring you are always able to achieve your very best.

In-person or online

At Intersol, we understand how tough it can be to achieve your best. That is why we provide facilitation learning through either in-person or online workshops. These courses have been designed by our experienced facilitators and can be joined by individuals as part of our public workshops, or available for your entire team.

We will work with you every step of the way, helping you through facilitated reflection and performance analysis, as well as action planning and implementation. Each facilitated workshop is built on a basis of engagement learning, which means we do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, our expert team works with each participant, understanding their experience to create a tailored learning experience that helps you to improve your skills.

Facilitation learning is not about being talked to; instead, it is about helping you to learn and develop the skills that lie within you. Our team firmly believes in the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) definition, which means our coaches will be by your side throughout the workshop, helping you to grow.

 The ICF has put together a great video to help explain exactly what coaching is and what it entails:

With our help, our facilitation workshops will help you become a great leader through facilitation learning. We ensure our participants are able to develop the skills required to achieve excellence in everything they do.

The benefits of facilitation workshops

An effective team that is connected and working together is far more efficient and productive, so we ha