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We provide consulting, facilitation and training services. We apply facilitation techniques to each project we do. If you aren’t sure what facilitation is, you’re not alone. We’ve come to explain it like this: every day, countless decisions are made around the world. Families are deciding what movie to watch, while leaders are deciding their organization’s five-year plan. No matter the context, these decisions are made by people, often groups of people. People have different personalities, motives, views, beliefs, experiences, and emotions. This is why decision-making among multiple people can be a little…well, tricky.

The question becomes, “how do groups work together to make the right decision?” That’s where facilitation comes in. As professional facilitators, we are trained in the process of helping people come to collective decisions. We show people how to get there, the right way. 

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How We Do It

If you’ve ever left a meeting feeling like it was a waste of valuable time, we know how you feel. Be it online or in person, facilitators make the difference between leaving a meeting exhausted or arriving at the destination. Think of us like Google Maps, getting you to where you need to go, even mitigating traffic challenges ahead!

Team Improvement

Facilitation skills are vital to any leadership role. All individuals required to work with others can benefit from applying facilitation. Working with a team? Multiple project partners? Decision-making or problem solving? We made it our mission to transform the workplace and set out to make facilitation and leadership skills accessible to teams everywhere. Facilitation,

Why Intersol?

We have an extensive and a 30-year history of helping empower our clients using proven techniques.

We have built a reputation solving organizational challenges through expert facilitation, consulting and leadership training.

A good investment for businesses and organizations seeking to remain nimble while adapting to changing social and business environments.
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June 3, 2020

Training shouldn’t be a one size fits all  

Written by Laïla Ouazzani-Touhami Investing in business training can be a game-changer in today’s competitive corporate landscape. Empowering your team with the skills and knowledge they need. It helps build their confidence, paves the way for increased productivity, innovation, overall performance and enables them to feel valued in the workplace.  

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Making Hybrid Meetings a Hoot!  

Written by Patrick Valois While many offices are settling into some version of a hybrid workplace, the need to connect with one another is as important as ever. Whether it’s due to a hybrid work schedule, a remote work position or a snowstorm, it’s now commonplace to hold meetings with


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