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At Intersol Group, we utilize a powerful blend of expert facilitation processes, unique virtual tools, and a fully customized platform to help you unlock the power that lies within.

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With over 30 years’ experience, we have an extensive and proven history of helping empower our clients. Whether it’s through our innovative online group sessions, our popular in-person sessions or facilitation services, we will work with you to help you discover the strengths and power that lies within you and your team.


A facilitator is someone who helps to bring about a positive outcome by providing indirect or neutral assistance, guidance, and supervision.

Be it online or in-person, at Intersol, our experienced facilitators are able to provide you with a series of tools and strategic processes designed to help you unlock a brighter future and allow you to:


At Intersol Group, we believe that the key to enabling individuals to develop their full potential is the key to success in both their professional and personal lives. That is why our training programs have been specifically designed to help you unlock the power that lies within, allowing you to leverage your talents and achieve real success.

To discover how Intersol Group can help you to transform your team’s future and set you on the path to success, get in touch today.

Efficiency that promotes equality, diversity, inclusion and wellness

Written by Bianca Baldo Restructuring the workday to maximize efficiency. Promoting equality and diversity in self-care and wellness.   Using technology to maximize efficiency. Working with stakeholders to develop inclusive solutions. Exploring a gender-based analysis can be a first step to understanding your diversity needs and increasing inclusive practices for your

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