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Yasmina E. Jimenez

Email: info@intersol.ca

Graduate of a Specialization in Human Relations from Concordia University, Yasmina E. Jimenez is an International Business & Executive Coach as well as Corporate Trainer. She is a specialist in organizational development and leadership.

After years of working with NPOs, serving marginalized groups, Yasmina started helping start-ups and SMEs in a variety of industries and across different continents. She has now been coaching, training, and offering consulting services for over a decade.

This passionate entrepreneur has also mentored countless professionals, entrepreneurs, and students via Futurpreneur Canada, Yes Montreal, Concordia Alumni Connect and Réseau Mentorat. A fervent believer in diversity, equity, and citizen participation, she has sat on several committees dedicated to these causes over the years.

In 2021, she took a leave of absence to take care of her health and family. She came back healthier than ever in August 2022 and within a few weeks, established great new partnerships that have allowed her to add the Federal Government to her roster of clients as well as various prominent Canadian companies.

After dedicating the past 20 years to community, organizational and business development, she continues to share her timeless advice, services, and influence.