Laïla Ouazzani-Touhami

Laïla is the training coordinator and a bilingual intermediate trainer at Intersol with a focus on communication, leadership, emotional intelligence and foundational facilitation skills. She has a background in training and varied experience organizing and delivering training, language tutoring, and communications. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Development with a minor in Communications from an internationally accredited institution in Morocco.

Laïla approaches every training project with the goal to help clients achieve their potential by responding to their professional needs and objectives. She uses a multinational experience from companies such as IKEA and Groupon, and other smaller agencies.
Her strengths are creating courageous environments for people to express their ideas and ask questions. She considers every topic with an open mind and welcomes all thought processes.
Her passion is continuously learning and sharing her acquired knowledge around leadership, learning techniques, communication, and self-development practices.

Clients and colleagues describe her as a reliable and jovial person with empathy and a good sense of humour that create open and meaningful conversations.