Portrait of Frank Van Gool

Frank Van Gool

Email: fvangool@intersol.ca

Phone: 6132306424 x 232

Frank Van Gool is a Certified Management Consultant and Certified Professional Facilitator. He has been practicing facilitation for the past 17 years and has been serving as a consultant to governments and private sector companies since 1991. After receiving his Science degree from the University of Guelph and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario in 1989, Mr. Van Gool focused his practice on strategic management of the organization, including governance issues, organizational structure, strategic and operational planning. Mr. Van Gool has provided his facilitation, management development and strategic consulting services worldwide and is based in Ottawa, Canada.

An expert in strategic planning, public consultation, change management, performance measurement, project management and team building, Frank is also a skilled trainer who has worked extensively in organizational and team-development projects, including public consultation workshops for the Canadian Coast Guard, Health Canada and Transport Canada.

Frank has designed and facilitated dispute-resolution negotiations for the North American Free Trade Committee on Agricultural Trade. He helped Canadian, Mexican and U.S. producers, shippers and receivers—and their respective governments—reach agreement on an acceptable dispute-resolution mechanism for the international trade of fresh fruit and vegetables among the three countries. He is especially adept at bringing about consensus on questions and issues affected by multiple interests.

Prior to joining Intersol, Frank gained marketing and strategic-planning experience with multinational corporations such as Cargill Ltd, Nova Corp., W.R. Grace of Canada Ltd. and the Farm Credit Corporation. He received certification in mediation and conflict resolution from CDR Associates, and in large-group intervention from Dannemiller Tyson Associates.