Eileen Bistrisky

Email: info@intersol.ca

Eileen strategically leads impactful, socially responsible organizations either in-house or as an external consultant. Her own firm, Effective Leadership Consulting, had roots in event management, marketing, sponsorship and fundraising, and evolved to integrate all areas of business into its consulting services. Eileen strives to measurably improve organizations and help teams become more effective through her Beyond the Plateau methodology. This holistic approach ensures the alignment of an organization’s values, vision, mission, objectives, strategies, and tactics while empowering teams to build systems for efficiency.

When facilitating for clients, Eileen takes the time to understand their session objectives and participants to make sure that she delivers the tangible results needed. She has a dynamic, adaptable presence that can guide and engage any group. She offers a critical eye and quick solution-oriented thinking in the heat of discussions. She brings diverse skills to the microphone/screen in an effective, polished, and articulate manner, and knows how to gain and keep a group’s focus both on-site and online.

In addition to being able to lead discussions in English and in French, Eileen takes responsibility for keeping proceedings on-time and on target, juggling multiple presenters, personalities, and activities while reaching the session’s objectives.  Eileen brings extra skills to a Host/MC position, having been a scriptwriter, event director and stage manager while consulting in events. As a facilitator, she has worked at conferences, galas, festivals, and sporting events, and knows how to gain and keep an audience’s attention both on-site and online.

She has an Executive MBA from Royal Roads University and is a Certified Management Consultant, Coach, and Special Events Professional. She has led numerous local, national, and international boards and committees, and speaks at conferences and meetings around the world.

…oh, and she’s also been known to climb a mountain or two.