Facilitation Skills

Meetings are optional. 

Though nobody seems to know that yet. We tend to think of meetings as a mandatory process in our day-to-day activities. If you need to talk to someone, you schedule a meeting. If you receive a meeting invitation, you accept. We’re on autopilot. It’s as though we rely on these meetings to justify our work taking place. We are convinced that collaboration only happens when we meet, or consensus can only be achieved in person. Most of the time, we carry assumptions about meetings that just aren’t true. They have been passed down to us culturally and in our business society.

A common belief is that more meetings = busy. “I have back-to-back meetings today, it’s crazy!” We’ve all heard that one, and although it makes sense that back-to-back meetings are crazy, we never stop to question whether those meetings lead to anything worthwhile; we just assume the more meetings a person has, the more important they are.

We’re here to challenge this belief. What if we could remove unnecessary meetings by helping you ensure that every meeting you do have, holds value? What if you gained that time back, instead of feeling overwhelmed and having to catch up from wasted meeting time? What if you stopped feeling as though meetings were the measure of your importance and contribution, and started to challenge your participation in a meeting? 

Our series of facilitation skills courses helps you design meetings that are efficient and lead to tangible results. You’ll learn how to identify a purposeful meeting, as opposed to a meeting that could have been an email. You’ll gain valuable time and get ahead. You’ll also learn how to facilitate meetings to achieve your desired outcomes. We offer a series of courses to choose from according to your skill level and facilitation experience. 


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  • Become an Effective Facilitator

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    Becoming an Effective Online Facilitator draws from the classroom-based Foundation course in Group Facilitation that the Intersol Group has successfully delivered since 1991. The course has been revised and updated to better serve facilitators who must now adapt themselves to the reality of the online world. For the last twelve years, Intersol Group facilitators have been facilitating virtually, in-person and in blended formats and we trust that this body of experience will benefit course participants. 

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