Strengthening Relationships Using the Total SDI 

About the Course 

The goal of human relations is to create win–win situations by satisfying people’s needs while achieving organizational objectives. By participating in this workshop participants will learn about, apply, and develop important interpersonal and leadership skills that will increase their ability to influence others and work well in teams.   

The workshop content will provide participants with suggestions, guidelines, and models to follow. Although the guidelines do not guarantee success, they will increase the probability of successful human relations in organizations.  

Course duration: 1 day 

For who: Anyone aiming at developing interpersonal and leadership skills 

 Course Format 

This course is delivered using Internet-Based Video Conferencing, specifically Zoom Meetings and also uses web-based collaboration tools that can greatly enhance productivity in an online medium.  

The workshop is designed to focus on the development of vital interpersonal skills.  It is based on the fundamental premise that the better we can work with and positively influence people, the more successful we can be. 

Specific Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of this course participants will: 

  • Interact more productively with others through learning the concept of interpersonal accountability
  • Draw from a full palette of interpersonal strengths, and mindfully choose the right strengths at the right time to achieve the right results
  • Have the tools to take initiative, innovate, and make smart decisions


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