Meeting Effectiveness

About the Course 

High performance meetings establish respectful relationships between participants and efficiently synthesize information. They pool the resources, talents, and knowledge of all participants to surface new ideas and make informed decisions quickly.  In a slower world, meeting performance was an aspiration.  In today’s economy, it is an essential capability required for organizational health. 

This workshop is designed to help participants develop the skills required to run effective meetings that engage people and drive forward momentum.  

Course duration: 1 day 

For who: Anyone organizing, facilitating or participating in work meetings.  

 Course Format 

This course is delivered using Internet-Based Video Conferencing, specifically Zoom Meetings and also uses web-based collaboration tools that can greatly enhance productivity in an online medium. 

This is designed as a “hands-on,” practical workshop which will connect your own experience with ideas and tools for better communication in the workplace. Based on an “experiential” model of learning, it makes use of simulations, structured experiences, group discussion, and lecturettes to allow participants to learn through active participation.  

The course is intended to increase your awareness, allow time for reflection, generate new insights, and encourage you to take action by transferring this learning to your workplace. 

Specific Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of this course participants will: 

  • Confidently lead efficient, engaging, and successful meetings that people want to attend 
  • Make the necessary preparations for a meeting to achieve the desired outcomes 
  • Conduct an effective meeting 
  • Perform a meeting review and follow up 


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