Improving Your Productivity

About the Course 

The reality of today’s world is that we experience having to do more, better, faster, and with less and with poor time management a loss of productivity, increased stress, fatigue, inability to concentrate and irritable behavior for no apparent reason can often be the result.  

Time & Stress Management skills have a direct effect on effectiveness, efficiency, quality of work, and coping with stress in healthy ways. Therefore, the Improving Your Productivity workshop is designed to provide participants with practical tools to combat the negative impact of stress caused by ineffective time management practices.  

Course duration: 1 day 

For who: Any professional who manages heavy workloads and wants to increase productivity, and develop the positive attitude required to decrease the negative impacts of stress.  

 Course Format 

This course is delivered using Internet-Based Video Conferencing, specifically Zoom Meetings and also uses web-based collaboration tools that can greatly enhance productivity in an online medium.  

The focus is to enhance skills and knowledge related to managing time, priorities, and stress, and provide participants with a practical toolkit. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn to deal with time-control issues like procrastination, interruptions, ineffective or lack of delegation, and email management and will be provided with pragmatic, relevant, and experiential training, case study analysis and applications exercises. 

Specific Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of this course participants will: 

  • Define the challenges, issues, and solutions to Productivity
  • Define time management principles and put them into application  
  • Apply the principles of the Time Management Grid for achieving main priorities
  • Explain the Productivity Pyramid and the use of productivity tools
  • Apply the skills of weekly and daily planning so that time is spent on tasks that really matter
  • Describe the common challenges to prioritization and analyze tips & techniques to overcome them
  • Understand and recognize Stress – Symptoms, Signs, and Causes 
  • Apply Stress Management Techniques
  • Develop a Personalized Stress Prevention Plan 


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