Essentials of Group Facilitation

About the Course 

The Essentials of Group Facilitation course aims at improving participants’ confidence and ability in using these facilitative methods to enhance peoples’ participation and creativity in genuine exploration of any subject from which conclusions and decisions may then be derived. 

The workshop is designed to provide participants with a selection of proven facilitation processes, tips, tool and techniques that will enable them to design and deliver more interactive, effective and efficient meetings that motivate people to action, engage groups in developing solutions and generate ownership that leads to results. 

Course duration: 1 day  

For who: Anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings they lead or participate in.  

 Course Format 

This course is delivered using Internet-Based Video Conferencing, specifically Zoom Meetings and also uses web-based collaboration tools that can greatly enhance productivity in an online medium.  

Participants are required to bring a work scenario so that they can, through the structured practice portion of the workshop, immediately apply the learned facilitation strategies to their work and gain valuable feedback. It allows participants to improve presentations and deliver material using a format that achieves greater understanding and skill transfer. Participants will learn just what it takes to make their own sessions/meetings practical, dynamic, and interactive! 

Specific Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of this course participants will: 

  • Explore the fundamentals of facilitation and identify the qualities and vital behaviours of an effective facilitator
  • Skillfully deploy an array of interaction and facilitation techniques to actively engage audiences
  • Be able to design a session using facilitative processes that build understanding and agreement
  • Apply the core responsibilities related to logistics before and during a facilitated session
  • Design and lead effective meetings, group planning sessions and other facilitated events  
  • Facilitate processes designed to analyse issues and problems, and make decisions  
  • Utilize a variety of processes and techniques to improve group productivity, creativity and participation
  • Reduce the negative impacts of dysfunctional behaviours and participation problems  
  • Manage dysfunctional behaviours and participation problems to Reduce the negative impacts 
  • improve group productivity, creativity and participation though a variety of processes and techniques 
  • analyse issues and problems, and make decisions with effective Facilitation processes 


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