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Natalie Kishchuk


Natalie Kishchuk is a specialist in program evaluation, performance measurement, and applied social research. Over close to 30 years of practice, Natalie has carried out and managed dozens of large, medium and small evaluation and performance measurement assignments. Her mandates have addressed diverse social issues, with emphasis on: population and public health; research funding and capacity development; community social development; health, education and social services organization and delivery systems; and organizational and technological change. She has worked with federal, provincial and territorial government departments and agencies, as well as with regional health and social services agencies and many not-for-profit agencies and community-based groups. She has also delivered numerous professional and capacity development workshops and training sessions in these various contexts.

Natalie’s approach to program evaluation and performance measurement is grounded in five principles:

  • Look forward, not backward
  • Choose and acknowledge positionality
  • Use the right tools, properly
  • Rigour is a stance, not a recipe
  • Learning matters most

A successful independent consultant since 1998, Natalie holds a PhD in Social Psychology. She previously worked with Ekos Research Associates, the Montréal Regional Public Health Department and the federal Department of Communications. She holds the professional designation of Credentialed Evaluator and is a Fellow of the Canadian Evaluation Society.