Manal Sayid


Manal Sayid is a professionally trained facilitator and consultant who supports individuals and teams to connect with their purpose and address complex issues. Inspired by human-centered change and participatory approaches, she designs processes that foster authenticity, build community, and harness collective energy for a more creative, collaborative, and conscious world.

As a process expert, she designs a range of sessions including strategic planning, operational planning, stakeholder engagements, public consultations, retreats, conferences, debriefs and decision-making meetings.

Manal holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa, a Masters of Business Administration from Carleton University and is a registered Hollistic Nutritionist.

Manal uses participatory processes that engages all stakeholders in developing broad consensus so that those impacted in a decision are motivated, committed and ready to engage.She enables people to participate in the development of their own communities and organizations through engaging dialogue and worthwhile discussions that lead to real progress and tangible outcomes.

When she’s not working, she is helping to build her non-profit organization ‘Women in Leadership Initative (WiLi Africa)’ whose mission is to provide resources and services that empower women and youth to overcome the oppressive conditions of exploitation, poverty, and ignorance.

In her free time, Manal loves to feed her voracious reading habit, do cross-fit training, hot yoga and as a Registered Holistic Nuritrionist, she loves experimenting with cooking.