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John Burrett

John Burrett helps organizations use and make sense of their data and their complex world. He focuses on developing effective tools: visual analytics, social/dynamic network analysis and effective presentation; and on building capacity to use data effectively for evaluation, research and performance measurement in government, public good and business organizations.

John has deep experience in policy, evaluation, government relations and communications. He has studied with leaders in the area of visual data analysis communication and professional presentation design, taking training with Stephen Few and at Duarte Design, and has built capabilities with leading tools for visual data and network analysis.

He has delivered presentations and workshops on visual data presentation and analysis to numerous conferences, learning events and webinar sessions of the Canadian Evaluation Society and the American Evaluation Association as well as the Conference Board of Canada and staff groups in Government of Canada departments and agencies. His data visualization work has appeared in reports, dashboards and infographics for such diverse organizations as the United Nations Evaluation Group, Global Affairs Canada, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Canadian Music Publisher’s Association, Ringette Canada, the Girl Guides of Canada, the Agency for Cooperative Housing, the World Bank and Toronto Community Housing.