Portrait of Jeremy Latta

Jeremy Latta

Jeremy Latta is a facilitator, writer, and strategist, who enjoys helping private and public sector organizations tackle big problems creatively. He brings energy and insight to all of his projects.
Jeremy has played a leadership role in major strategic planning exercises for numerous clients – in the agriculture sector in particular – as well as playing a leading role in supporting the Expert Panel for the Modernization of the National Energy Board. His strengths include delivering senior management meetings and retreats that make progress on tough issues, designing and executing stakeholder consultations/engagements, building corporate governance principles and practices for national associations, performance management, and strong, clear communication. If you need to engage people, understand an issue, define organizational goals, or communicate your story to any type of audience, Jeremy can help.
Prior to joining Intersol, Jeremy worked in a series of positions at the departments of Agriculture & Agri-Food and Environment, responsible for strategy, planning, and performance reporting. His public service career brings an important understanding of how Ottawa really works to his practice.
Jeremy holds a baccalaureate in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa.