Portrait of Jennifer Birch-Jones

Jennifer Birch-Jones

Jennifer Birch-Jones specializes in facilitated and integrated approaches to planning, performance measurement, evaluation and learning. She holds the professional designation of Credentialed Evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society.

Jennifer has over 25 years experience working in performance measurement, evaluation, planning, facilitation, and training working with a diverse set of clients in both the federal government and the not-for-profit sectors. She has successfully managed and conducted a wide variety of major evaluation frameworks, results-based management and accountability frameworks (RMAFs), and evaluation studies, as well as designed and facilitated numerous workshops, training sessions, meetings and conversations. As a champion for using performance measurement and evaluation as a tool for planning and learning, as well as accountability, Jennifer is committed to building the capacity of individuals and organizations to maximize their learning and performance.

Jennifer’s areas of expertise and practice include:

  • performance-based planning and facilitation (strategic, annual and operational)
  • logic models and theories of change, and performance measurement strategies
  • evaluability assessments, evaluation planning / frameworks, and evaluations
  • collaboration and engagement, including online
  • focus groups and learning / training workshops

Jennifer is well known for her wide range of expertise, from planning and performance measurement to evaluation and training, drawing on and integrating her experience working in sport, physical activity, health, community and international development, and diversity. Jennifer emphasizes a collaborative and participatory approach to her work, with the aim of building capacity in the organizations with whom she works. Her clients and colleagues consistently remark on her flexibility, her ability to target her approach to the levels and needs of her audience, as well as convey complex concepts in a clear, concise and integrated way.

Jennifer’s work as a Facilitator Coach and Mentor for the World Bank’s International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) has exposed her to a wide array of cultures and differing perspectives from around the world which continue to enrich her work. Her natural curiosity motivates her to seek out new knowledge which she continues to apply to her work, including developmental evaluation, appreciative inquiry, and strength-based approaches such as asset-based community development. She continues to share her learnings and insights within her communities of practice, through workshops, presentations and conversations at local, national and international learning events.

Prior to leaving the federal government in 2000, Jennifer worked in evaluation at Heritage Canada (Sport Canada) and at Transport Canada. Since then, she has developed her practice through her work as a Senior Associate at Performance Management Network Inc., and now with the Intersol Group. Jennifer has graduate degrees in public administration and kinesiology, and is a member of the Canadian and American evaluation societies, as well as the International Association of Facilitators.