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Using Facilitation to Restructure the Organization

For some managers, the thought of involving staff in the restructuring of their own organization is ludicrous.  Given the chance, everyone will want to raise the salary and classification of their own jobs and set themselves up to work with their favourite peers! This isn’t entirely a false assumption.  When an individual is in conflict between what is best for the

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Lean and IT – Organization Design

IT organizations often organize around functional areas of activity. It’s common to find dedicated teams dealing with project management, software quality assurance, IT governance, network engineering, security, change management, help desk, and data centre operations. It’s also common to have IT manager generalists who oversee operations using their classic managerial expertise, but lack the product or process-specific knowledge that their

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What is a change readiness assessment, anyway?

As change management professionals, we stress the importance of doing a change readiness assessment at the beginning of a project. But what does that mean, exactly? A change readiness assessment can take many different forms, and be more or less thorough depending on the situation. At the core, its purpose is to determine to what extent the organisation and key

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