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Navigating Through Organizational Change

I was recently facilitating a session entitled “Navigating Through Organizational Change”. The focus was helping ourselves survive and thrive in times of organizational change. My preparation time became an opportunity to reflect on why, at times, we find it so hard to deal with change. We accept many changes in our lives on a regular basis; and big changes too!

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Evolution of the Federal Public Service in Canada

I’ve always found it interesting that those in my decade, (I’m in my mid 50’s), were not well represented in the public service.  I’m at the tail end of the baby boom, which is really the “bust” generation as described by David Foote in his demographic ground breaker; “Boom Bust & Echo”.  The government was simply not hiring many people

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Change Management:  3 Reasons to Engage Employees and Stakeholders

I recently had the honour of presenting at the Canadian Institute’s conference on Innovations in Healthcare Process Improvement on the rather lengthy topic of Navigating Change Management to Build Successful Relationships for Process Improvement.  I started my presentation simply saying that the subtitle to this presentation could easily have been: “Making the Case for Employee and Stakeholder Engagement”.  While readers

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