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Let Those Who Want to Build a Future Take Over

I had the privilege of speaking to a class of 4th year Engineering Students at Queen’s University.  The topic was Lean and ‘How Could it Help’.  Over the years I have spoken to many audiences and the reaction to Lean from those interactions has been varied.   But there is something refreshing about discussing Lean with the new generation.  Their situation

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Collaboration with Algonquin College

Intersol Group and Lean Advisors Inc. are pleased to announce a collaboration with Algonquin College Corporate Training (ACCT) to develop and deliver a Lean Management Algonquin College Certificate Program. ACCT helps performance-driven organizations to build the knowledge, skills and approaches required of a modern workforce. With a reputation of excellence and more than 45 years of experience, ACCT designs, develops

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“Lean Beginnings” Knowledge Builder

Most organizations are actively investigating ways to improve their performance.  They find new business tools and apply them hoping for results that will allow them to serve their clients better.  The selection of what tools they use to improve is often related to what other businesses are doing. The missing ingredient is not a new toolkit, but rather a new way

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