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Facilitation: Outsource or DIY?

When I first started in the world of professional facilitation 25 years ago, the skill of leading groups through a structured process was a rare commodity. However, today, the ability to facilitate groups through the processes of making decisions, solving problems and putting plans together, has become a core competency for many leadership roles.  But, the question remains, when it

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Evolution of the Federal Public Service in Canada

I’ve always found it interesting that those in my decade, (I’m in my mid 50’s), were not well represented in the public service.  I’m at the tail end of the baby boom, which is really the “bust” generation as described by David Foote in his demographic ground breaker; “Boom Bust & Echo”.  The government was simply not hiring many people

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Using Facilitation to Restructure the Organization

For some managers, the thought of involving staff in the restructuring of their own organization is ludicrous.  Given the chance, everyone will want to raise the salary and classification of their own jobs and set themselves up to work with their favourite peers! This isn’t entirely a false assumption.  When an individual is in conflict between what is best for the

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