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The Amazing Power of Questions as Drivers of Engagement

Why is engagement so hard to instill in some people, so easy in others? How can questions be drivers of  engagement? Carefully crafted questions can help people, at every level of the organization, take personal ownership to achieve organizational results. Encouraging personal accountability – which is defined as being willing to answer for the outcomes resulting from one’s choices, behaviours,

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Marc Valois to Speak at Public Consultation & Engagement 2015

Once again, Marc Valois, Senior Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer, will be contributing to the educational content at the 5th Annual Summit on Public Consultation & Engagement 2015. See all the details below and use INT20 when you register below to receive 20% discount on the regular fee. Preliminary Brochure Breakout Session A: December 2, 9:45 – 10:45 a.m. Modern Methods

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