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Organizational Culture and the 5 Monkeys Experiment

Have you ever heard the story of the 5 Monkeys Experiment? It may sound familiar when you think of your organizational culture. It goes like this: 5 monkeys were placed in a cage as part of an experiment. In the middle of the cage was a ladder with bananas on the top rung. Every time a monkey tried to climb the ladder,

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Navigating Through Organizational Change

I was recently facilitating a session entitled “Navigating Through Organizational Change”. The focus was helping ourselves survive and thrive in times of organizational change. My preparation time became an opportunity to reflect on why, at times, we find it so hard to deal with change. We accept many changes in our lives on a regular basis; and big changes too!

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The First Building Block for Successful Change is Awareness

Are you looking for a simple change management tool? A tool that can help you assess your organization’s readiness and target your change management efforts? I’ve worked with many tools over the years, but one that I often come back to is the ADKAR model developed by Prosci Research. It focuses on change at the individual level; the premise being

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