The Essentials of Facilitating Online Meetings (10781) - Limited Spots

About the Course

If you have already mastered the use of technology to run an online meeting, it’s time to step up your game and achieve more.  The answer to taking your virtual meetings from good to great is to apply proven facilitation tools and techniques that go beyond presentations and Q&A and toward maximizing participation, resolving complex issues, making real-time decisions and establishing innovative plans.  This 3-hour interactive session will introduce how the tools and techniques of professional meeting facilitation are applied in a virtual environment.  Ultimately, you will learn how to achieve optimal participation and commitment from your meeting participants.

Course Format

This course is delivered using Internet-Based Video Conferencing, specifically Zoom Meetings, as well as other web-based collaboration tools that can greatly enhance learning, sharing and working collaboratively in an online medium.

Course Outline

  • The virtual facilitation preparation checklist. What you need to do 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week and 1 hour before your meeting.
  • Designing the virtual agenda. What makes a virtual agenda different from an in-person agenda?
  • Pre-Meeting Communication. Why coming in cold is never the best situation.
  • Getting Ready to Get Ready – Practice makes perfect and perfect is necessary when you only have one shot!
  • The Meeting Kickoff – Virtual introductions, ice breakers, rules of engagement
  • Managing the Traffic – Too many interruptions? Too much dead airspace?
  • How to have a great dialogue online with professional facilitation skills.


Marc Valois is a Principal and Senior Consultant of the Intersol Group, he is an extremely dynamic and effective group “architect”, facilitator and “enabler” for Executive dialogue in both official languages. He has over 25 years of experience in a variety of projects including the provision of engagement strategies in support of multi-stakeholder expert advisory committees, strategic planning, change management, organizational transformation and program and policy development for clients at the most senior levels of government. Marc has incorporated the use of online engagement technologies in his work. These online spaces have offered his clients the potential for greater reach and higher levels of engagement as participants enjoy a high degree of flexibility to connect “anytime, anyplace”, and can connect with a broader range of perspectives and ideas than they would through traditional face-to-face interaction.


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