Workshops and Training

Presentation Skills (10224)

A workshop that includes one-on-one coaching that’s designed to provide you or your team with practical tools to build and deliver a coherent, confident and engaging presentation.


Are you worried about your next presentation, do you feel you’re not connecting with your audience, or do you simply wish to take your presentation skills to the next level?

More and more people are being tasked to deliver talks that engage and motivate others – but very few have the right tools or the time to put together something that will make an impact. The result: a lot of anxiety and pressure!

This workshop can help you change that. We’ll provide you with a variety of tips and techniques that can help you “wow” the crowd by transforming your one-way presentations ad lectures into interactive conversations.

Design and Deliver Great Presentations

This 1-day highly interactive program makes use of demonstrations, hands-on activities, video recordings and group discussions in examining the essential elements of planning and delivering effective presentations.  These learning activities will prepare each participant to make a videotaped presentation, which will be followed by feedback from appointed peer observers, members of the audience, and facilitators within a safe environment.  Each participant will receive a video copy of their presentation and feedback which will serve as an excellent post-training self-assessment resource.

Learning Objectives

Participation in this 1-day workshop will improve your confidence and ability to…

  • Determine the purpose of your presentation
  • Identify the specific needs and interests of the audience
  • Organize presentation material for greatest impact
  • Display effective platform skills
  • Select and use appropriate questioning, responding and fielding skills throughout your presentations
  • Remain calm and focused before and during your presentation
  • Identify your strengths, opportunities for development, and personal learning goals as a presenter.

Workshop fee includes a light breakfast, lunch, refreshments and a comprehensive manual.


For more information please contact Leen Al-Jaber at 613-230-6424 ext 112 or email